Black and White

By Elliot Ichiro

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Black and White; Nakedly Simple, but yet Dramatically Colorful.
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Photos are model’s piece of Artwork, which the body is the medium.

Many people have questioned me. How is it like being a model. How is it like being photographed, trailed by a camera with every movement. To smile at every reckon, to strip and to bare. Don’t you feel shy? Awkward? Embarrass?

It isn’t about stripping nor being naked.

It isn’t about just being center in the middle of all the attention, nor about being famous. Yes it make me feel special, like a celebrity, the money pays well too. But for me it is about the ability to clone personalities, camouflage or change into any character you would like to get into. It changes me, and that thrill me. It give me the satisfaction when I have created an everlasting image with stories to tell, or one barely possible in reality; except in our imagination. Image which leave people wanting to know more from the image; of what’s just on the image.ย  The satisfaction when the piece of work give its audience and consumers the same satisfaction too.

Of course the response varies for everyone.

But when your body isn’t just skin for skin-ship, that when things becomes different. It is a Job.
We know what sell, we know how to make our art and image beautiful and that is how it should be. Sex sells. But it is just a job. It is a piece of art, a painting that we paint. Yes it is layered with layers and layers of blinds behind sexual attractions and lust. But don’t all things in the world do? Just not as photographed. We are just in some sense, more true than the world.

Me parading around during a Fashion show, posing, seducing the camera, is Never something I could do if I am not on a job. Why? Because it is just weird! Haha
Of course people might say there are no difference. But it is like an actor kissing in a scene, they probably feel really awkward if they aren’t on a job. We just view sexual attraction very straight-forwardly that’s all.

So to answer your questions, no I do not feel weird exposing myself during my job. Nor do I feel embarrass. I feel it when I am off my jobs, not when I am on it. During it, that isn’t me Me. That’s the on the job me. The real me don’t really like to talk even.

It about the art, the image, as after all that’s what we are selling, and there is no Art more interesting that the canvas and medium being yourselves. Yes I do enjoy my job.

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