25th Birthday!

오늘 제 25 생일이에요! 😄

Being 25 made me realize a lot of things.
That I am officially way pass childhood.
That i m definitely in my mid-twenties.
That in 25 years more I would be 50.
That most of the things I want to achieve in my life would be in this next 25 years.

That my mum gave birth to me at this age and that I am still not married. Haha damn. Sometimes I think that my birthday give me more stress than enjoyment. Lol

However, since young being a December baby, I always had the luxury of being able to celebrate my birthday. It’s school holidays and the Christmas season!
Of cause minus off the cons of my friends never ever celebrating my birthday when we were in school cause we were all in our holidays and that when I do get presents, I get one less present, instead of two! One for birthday and one for Christmas. Haha xD (being greedy)

Being celebrating for years, it actually make me feel weird when I leave my birthday alone and just stay at home. I kind of tried. But I still ended up invited friends all over from Facebook. 😂

I really think my birthday gave me too much stress!

After this year, I am so not gonna look forward to December. I DONT WANNA GO OLD! Of course presents would make turning old feel less saddening. 😂😂😂 But I probably think snow would be the only thing making me looking forward to Decembers! Even though I am in Sunny Singapore. :/

It just feels special. Snowing.

Today I am just gonna blog a little, play the Sims 3, watch some drama and have some wine and a good dinner. 🙂

Someday I am gonna blow my Birthday cake in the snow. ❄️⛄️❄️


And thank you all for having me in your thoughts and all your birthday wishes. ❤ Feeling Much Love every year!

188872_1601134549479_1269533871_31241776_5528488_nOh I want to be young again.