New life

It was a weird feeling.

Your best friend having a child of her whole.


Suddenly, we are not kids any longer. Not the girls who hit clubs together, get crazy and wild. We use to be the hit of the parties, dancing on DJ’s table and perform on staged podiums. As a school girl, a tigress, cosplay outfits, to even as strippers. It was funny.
Us trying to get over our breakups.


Now she is a happy mum to a beautiful boy, with a lovely husband, who I watched grow up myself.


Visiting her at Mount Alvernia, she looks exhausted. Her body no longer like before, her tummy all bloated and stretched. Looking at this all and all the text messages she had sent me while having contractions, made me realize that… mm everyone of our mum went through this? It really is more than tough. The belly now look so huge, compared to the her previous thin slim figure, with abs it has changed a lot. All for a baby, and yet for a woman, beauty is the utmost treasured.
She wasn’t horrified by it. Mmm Maybe she is, but what can one do. To me, one with Zero knowledge about such stuff, seeing my Bestie go through all these change is quite amazing. And now, She probably do not know it, but her aura changed. From one of a girl, the aura I feel these days from her is different. One of a stronger woman who would not fall, who would carry the weight of the world for her child if she had to. Haha not that she wasn’t strong before this. She would punch daylight out of guys who tried to be funny with us. Haha.

Anyway, wow at how life changed. Just a year ago and now. But I am happy. I guess time do have the magic to change and heal things.

IMG_3709 IMG_3710

I wonder how would I be like when it is my turn. Haha but looking at her… It such too painful to try go through it myself.