13 Dec 2014

The sudden spike in readers! Haha.
For all of your kind words and concern for me, I could be more touched that I matter to so many.

You all must be curious for why I have to go for the surgery, it was to fix my shoulder frequent dislocation. It 1st happened last dec when I fall in a bad angle while trying out some tricks skating.

It took a year as at first I wasn’t sure if the surgery is necessary. It was ok at first healing on its own. But incidents happen including a fight in August where it got pulled out again. Regarding the fight, it is another story for another day.
But from there I had my body checked while I landed in the hospital and then the wait for the surgery!
So yup I am ok people. I will be ok as always!

I am already off the painkillers entirely already since Day 2 after the surgery! πŸ™‚ It should be healing well! Had even enough energy to head out for a while πŸ™‚ can’t be grateful enough for everyone’s concern! Will take ample rest! Will be safe too!