The Surgery

And so, I am on 30days of medical leave.

At 11am on the 9th of December, entering the surgical ward, I was feeling partially worried but at the same time excited. It was my first big surgery.

The thoughts of having a surgery did not scared me but all the prep-talk that came before did.

The doctors told me exactly how they were going to operate on me. What each function of the needles are for, and the risk what each of them can bring. It was wonderful. I wasn’t feeling exactly excited anymore but it was too late to do anything much with all the machines and needles stuck to my skin. They would be cutting into me, for real.

The thoughts rolledย into a dream.

Kuek Ziyi, your surgery is done! I blinked twice and opening my eye to the nurse walking pass me. I was no longer at the surgical room. I was in a different bed, my arms totally limp, and lots of nurses were walking to and fro around me. Beside me there were patients still knocked out from theย anaesthesia. Oh things happened kind of fast. But looking at the time, it was 2.30pm. 3 hours have went passed. Oh.

I guess I can’t decide to not go for the surgery now. Lol

They pushed me into the ward. Mum is already there, with him, and porridges, and my favourite cupcake. It was a nice feeling; to see their faces and know that they were waiting for me, it made me felt much loved.


Oh yes I was hungry, I haven ate since the day before! I quickly gobbled up most of the food as slowly as I can; I wasn’t suppose to eat too much nor too quickly, in case I vomit.


I stayed awake through out. Friends came and go. The girl opposite me is still knocked out though.

Going to the toilet, the nurse have to enter with me to help me pull my pants up. My hands are both just un-useable. One with a needle through to my veins, and other totally dead for the day. I could suddenly understand how the elderly feel. Being tossed aside. With the nurse taking care of them instead of their children. It make one feel useless and much of a burden. Even just heading to the toilet.

I regain some feeling in my hand by midnight, however together with it came the feeling of discomfort.
Through the nurses visiting and checking of your blood pressure every hour, I managed to sleep till 3am.
After 4, the feeling of discomfort was terrible. I was moving, tossing and flipping from side to side as much as I could while being handicap. The discomfort was racing my heart rate and gave me a sense of unease and a slight fever. Help only came at 6am asking if I would like to take my painkillers. But breakfast is at 6.30pm. I decided to wait to finish my breakfast 1st as eating medication on an empty stomach doesn’t seem so much of a good idea.
Till 7am I was still tossing. All the way to 9am. The time crawled by, barely. Only at 9, did the medicine kicked it and I fall dead asleep with it and some help from massage on my back.

I have now checked out, am well and not on any painkillers already. Just home resting, sleeping a lot and hoping the wound will heal well! I can move slightly and feel great! ๐Ÿ™‚ soon it be ok again. Soon the 30 days would be up and I could go without the sling!