Today mark the last day of the 1 week of event, also my 1st week back home.

It is again, before we all know it, time for yet another farewell.
It had been a really enjoyable one week. I couldn’t have enjoy being back in singapore better. Now that most of them are gone, it almost feel as if a part of me is not around. :/Who know when will we meet again, at which part of the world it will be.

The last day is spent…. Skating, sleeping… Doing ridiculous things together.

Like trying to draw on each other. Loll and spend hours in the swimming pool trying to run. Lol which is impossible.
I have not had so much fun for the longest time. I feel young. Hahaha not that I am not, but this was how it feels like in primary school probably. XD Playing catching and dropping dead asleep beside one other after from all the fatigue.

I probably love them more than my skates these days, and it is amazing how I use to wish on my every birthday, that I will have someone I could go skating with. You know what, wishes do come true. I don’t just have someone, but I have now a whole family from around the world, who I probably love more than my skate now.

Hopefully there will be more farewells, as then it would mean more hellos too.