WORK day 1 INTERNATIONAL Skating scene

The 3rd day of being back home; work has already begun for me since Day 1.

The international athletes are all in our small Singapore at the moment. Our old dear friends. Brothers of different families.

Today is day 1 of the 3 days of IFSC, International Freestyle Skating Competition, held in Singapore. For those of you who do not know what is this about, it is as the name has stated.
Categories under Freestyle skating include Speed Slalom, Classic Slalom, Pair Slalom, Battle Slalom and Battle Slide.

The main three categories

Speed Slalom
It is a competition of who finishes the fastest. In a row of 20 cones, each competitor have to weave through the cones in the fastest timing possible, with an additional 0.25sec added to the finished timing with every missed/kicked cone. Max 4 missed/kicked cones to be disqualified.
An average timing is of 5.2 seconds. To get into the finals, timing of below 5 sec is a necessary.

Classical Slalom
A dance with skating moves tailored to the beat of the song. It is mark by the level of the tricks with the smoothness of the whole routine. Moves include one wheel movements and spins.

Battle Slides
A series of sliding moves similar to one of the car drifting, but on skates instead. Drifts can be done sideways, backwards and even on a single toe and wheel, with combo drifts included.

Yes it is hard to explain how the categories are like, the best to do head down and see it for yourself, how we Singaporeans have got something we are good at too.

Though it isn’t X games, but skating backwards on one toe while squatting down isn’t an that un-wow-able thing too.
It is even barely imaginable for me.


Do drop by Sembawang Mega court by Sembawang MRT any day of 28,29,30 Nov this weekend 7.30am-5pm we will be here!
Drop by to say hi, see me skating or just to get your autograph from the “gods” of skating!
I can introduce you guys! :))

Just joining us to skate is good too! Bring your family! We are more than happy to share our performance for our favorite sport!

Love from SINGAPORE roller sports, the International Skaters scene, Fila Skates, Seba Skates, Freestyle Skates.

Drop by!!!