A wine and some thought

It is 5.30pm, 3hours into the journey back to Singapore. We must be already in the warmer zone. Somehow it feels different already. Another 3hours to touch down.

Times like this so silent, quiet with nothing else but your thoughts on the wonders of life. I treasure these times a lot. These silver times in the plane always seem to tickle pass so quickly for me. Part of the reason why I love traveling, I just love plane rides. Just enjoy a movie, an opportunity I don’t get to have on land. A personal time, ah and with some red wine, a paper and a pen for thoughts. Focus when you want, dream when u should.
No better way to dream than to view the castles in the air rolling by while you dream along with it.

To watch the world roll is a beautiful luxury indeed.

I use to think that living in Singapore isn’t that fun; no mountains to climb, seasons to experience nor view to see. Also comparing that I feel so much better in mental and in health whenever I am out of it.
However this time, I realize that perhaps… Perhaps it is just me. Me, not giving myself enough time to relax and play back home.

Worried that time aren’t spent meaningfully.
I was often too focus on the time slipping away, when I wasn’t working.
Perhaps just setting some time aside for friends and walks in Singapore, I wouldn’t be looking to escape home anymore.

Perhaps life isn’t as hard as I think it is.
Nor is it as simple of course. But there isn’t really a need for thinking is there? The worries, and anxiety. Our problem is always at not thinking at the right time isn’t it? I realize that is a skilled skill too, to do it right, lack in our modern society already.

Just do what one desire at its best, where time put bring you to.

The sun. That would be hard to escape while in singapore..