Accommodations in Korea

Accommodations in Korea, that one of the questions  which I get asked most about.

Where is good to stay in Korea? Where did you stay at, and how did you manage to stay for so long in Korea all the time and where would you recommend for us to stay at? Those are the few of the many questions asked.

Sometimes I feel as if people are treating me as if I am a Korean already, asking me so many questions like it is my hometown. haha 😀 Well to answer the many questions that many of you have, here are the lists of places I have stayed in before and my thoughts regarding where and what kind of place are the best to stay.

  • Motel in Jamsil 잠실/MongChonToSeong 몽촌토성 stations’ area (around 30,000 won per night SGD$34.99) No booking in advance needed. There are tons I swear tons of motels/hotels there.

    • IMG_2438

      The look of most Motels

Of all the Hotels, Motels, Friend’s houses and Hostel. Among all of them, I can’t say I have a exact preference to which one I prefer better or would recommend, it all depends on your needs and what better suit your wants.

The Hotels are just more branded lodging. If you want more class to perhaps pamper a girl, then go for the Hotels.

The Motels are lodging with usually a AhJuma (Older Woman) taking care of it. It has usually more facilities than the Hotels. They usually come with a personal TV, Computer and shower gel, shampoo, toner and moisturiser all provided. They just do not have a gym and swimming pool coming with it. If you are looking to just stay in Korea, with your own privacy, stay at the Motel I would say. There is nothing unsafe about it. Not like our image of Motels in Singapore. It all depend on the area I believe.

The Hostel/Guesthouse. Well, there isn’t privacy almost at all even when you sleep. For rooms like mine, I share it with 7 other girls. 8 girls together. However the great time is, it is like a endless sleepover, a camp. It feels like school again. It is a wonderful place to meet people from around the world together and really make friends, that kind of friendship that will make you cry at the end of the day when you leave.

I have tried CoachSurfing too. It is a nice way to save up your money but whether or not your stay is pleasant, that really depend on your host. So just be thoroughly when selecting one! I enjoyed my stay! This give you the experience of “living” in the country.

So far for me, I will probably come back to the guesthouse! The dynamic of it, the friends made and the culture and language exchange, teach you so much and give you a more meaningful experience. It is not only cheap and provide you with the opportunities to interact with international people and give you companionship to explore the country together! Surprisingly for me, everyone here speak Korean! Even the French! It is interesting to see everyone so different yet having a similar trait!

IMG_2876 Everyone just gathering for a pizza!
That’s Holland, Singapore, Korea and the Philippines for you!

IMG_2872 IMG_2873
The common area which everyone just drink, chill, play a guitar or study languages together.

New friends from France!

Just drop me a comment if there are any more questions! I will be happy to help!
Hope This blogpost is useful!