Peak of UlSanBaWi Rock

So my Snow searching adventure started with me at the peak of the UlSanBaWi Rock 울산바위.

DSC_1456 DSC_1458

DSC_1479 DSC_1480

I have been dying to see the snow. For someone born in December, I have been seeing snow decorating the picture of all the calendars for years, 24 years already to be exact, but I have never yet seen snow before. Never seen winter. I am dying to make that happen. I really want to see snow. Or anything as close to Winter as I can get.

So here in SeorAkSan 설악산, my very first account with… mmm Ice. Haha naturally formed ice!!! Isn’t that exciting?! To me it feel like it is the coolest thing ever. Leaving some puddle of water on the ground and it turn into ICE?! It is like cooking a sunny-side egg on the pavement of Singapore! It is Amazing indeed the wonders of nature. Yes I feel like a little girl excited over nothing but haha it is my first touch with winter after all.

To the other nature-lover Singaporeans like me, if you have not yet experience winter, you should! Even if you are afraid of the cold, I guarantee it is still of another experience and beauty you cannot get from anywhere else.

I first spotted ice on the ground. Like out of no where. It looks at causally tossed away crushed ice.


Haha I swear I look like a idiot. While everyone was just busy walking pass, I was like “OMG Wow Ice!”, and snapping photos of it. This was just 2/3 of the route up. However for the rest of the journey, I did not manage to catch any more sight of the arrival of Winter, till at the peak! I was so busy trying to be careful to not step into the water puddles! Until… I stepped into  one. and omg! it is solid!!! Best part is, it doesn’t break! It could actually withstand my weight!


I was so  exciting with how the leaves are all frozen inside!

Oh and on the Frozen tops of the World, there are also Frozen Waterfalls! No photos though, but the water is entirely frozen! Like from the top to the bottom! It look like it is all unreal!

The wind was so strong that one could watch iPhone fly. The wind literally pushes you that you will take a few steps back!

IMG_2556 IMG_2555

It was a trip worth trekking 4hours up and down. It was a peaceful, quiet kind of contentment. The kind of simple contentment of being warm, full and you do not have a need for anything else in the world, as you have all the of the beauty of the world surrounding you already.





Breath taking. It is how they say that Nature is cheaper than Therapy which is very true indeed.



To all my beloved fellow Singaporeans who have never seen snow and the wonders of winter before, try it at least once in this lifetime! It felt like magic to me, seeing the amazing things nature can do. Winds that push, leaves that rustles and dance, ice and frozen waterfalls just overnight!

I could not describe the wonders of nature by words. For now, that left me starry-eyed, amazed and looking forward to my next encounter with winter.