21 Nov 2014

Time is passing so fast, as always…

Just a few more days left in Korea.
I have not even done with meeting all my friends here and it is already the time to go soon!
I have yet to see any snow too, though yes I have seen ice and frozen waterfalls. I have also been yet to ski!!!! Hopefully this last weekend here I would be able to. :S

But so far, my stay in Korea here have again been nothing less than enjoyable. I have a very understanding and caring host, friends who baby-ed me, new friends I have made along the way and have gotten so much closer to that leaving is gonna be so hard. This is adding to the reluctancy of me leaving this place!!!

I swear, sometimes it feels like I have two of me. One Singapore Ziyi and one Oversea Ziyi (probably Korean now) Haha. I do wonder if my two selves will ever collide back together to be one. :’D

For those of you who want to try you luck and see if you can win a trip to Korea yourself, the Korea Tourism Organisation have got events and campaigns running every week for everyone to give it a try!


This is this month’s lucky draw!

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.01.41 am

I am gonna be missing this place!!! ㅠㅠ