The North east side of Korea is one of its coldest region.

So what happens when you really want to see snow and you friend canceled on your plans together the night before?Z
Was suppose to go skiing….

But oh well, I decided that since I really really really want to see snow, to just make a trip down to the Coldest part of Korea and see for myself if I could see snow. I know it is not the time yet, but some snowing had already begun. So why not? Thus i set my sight on the 3rd highest mountain of Korea, the Seorak Mountain 설악산,  on the North East side of Korea 속초, and set off alone!

Alone yes, I was excited, tumbling across a foreign land to a entirely new place, where I do not know what I would find or expect. Where I do not know anyone, nor even have a room. Just a one way ticket, and some clothes to keep warm, I was off to go!

At the Bus Terminal, my 1st time there, with the army boys, truckload of them all waiting to board the bus, I was indeed feeling like I am going to some faraway land.

It was just a 2 and a half hour journey.

DSC_1352The first view of the city

It was like the feeling of discovering a whole city just behind the mountain bend! No wonder people say you will never know where your journey is gonna take you.

JOURNEY, now I am in Love with this word.

My 1st night there, I wander along the beach, a 30-40 min walk in the darkness till I arrived in the midst of the city, at SokCho Beach 속초해병. From Oeongchi Beach till Sokcho Beach.
DSC_1364 DSC_1368



Checked in a random lodging, turns out pretty awesome, it has the name of 일출펜션 which means literally means Sunrise Pension.
It has a Kitchen, Balcony and a full view of the Beach with the SUNRISE! It can’t be better than that. I mean look it even have a rice cooker and all the showering stuff provided at just 35000 won. That around $40SGD! Yes I asked for a discount. 😀


 Me while wandering in the streets before I found lodging. All the belonging I had was on my back.IMG_2422Will be selling a range of Korean luxury bags, shipped in from Korea, as of the Turquoise bag I have in the Picture! Do keep a watch out for them or let me know if you are interested!

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 9.11.27 pm

I slept with spiderman for that night, a Korean speaking one.

The next day
early in the morning, had a peek of the sunrise in between my sleep, I went up to the mountains!


Basically, I managed to reach the top of the UlSanBaWi Rock 울산바위, the Mountain which I first saw when I arrived in the city of Sokcho! XD




The View at the Peak of UlSanBaWi Rock 울산바위!

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Will post more photos up tomorrow!

To wrap this up, the lessons from this journey to Seorak mountain, shows that we should all Do it now, cause we all know how tomorrow sometime just never comes, and Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone.



Signing off,
from Seoul.



Next Post: Photos at the Peak. Found ICE!!! Frozen Waterfalls!