Rubber Duck Project

Wanna bath together with a yellow shower duckie?

Finally one free day! A day which I am finally not busy with meeting of friends, business meetings nor tours! I went to visit…. the RUBBER DUCK!!!


The Rubber duck is found in JamSil Station 잠실역. The Rubber Duck is part of the “Rubber Duck Project” that has traveled to many cities including Amsterdam, Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong and Pittsburgh since 2007 in a bid to “heal wounds” and “relieve tension” wherever it goes. The Lotte group of South Korea asked for the giant rubber duck in order to celebrate the opening of the new Lotte World Mall, with the new Lotte World construction sparking concern after sinkholes appeared during its construction, the Lotte officials had hope the the rubber duck can calm some jangled nerves as well!

Yes calm indeed, and more than just that, it created a entire craze in Korea and attracted millions of people from around the world, even celebrities alike.

IMG_2264 IMG_2272

Yes Oh Yeon-Seo 오연서 was with us!! together with millions of people all rushing for a picture. Oh and the Rubber duck too.

A little Dance for everyone from Oh Yeon-Seo 오연서씨는 춤추를 이다.

Hello from a Singapore friend too for the Rubber Duckie.