The 1st week

The 1st week.

Monday, I swear I was feeling so utterly unease. I was feeling so lost, out of place here and alone. Half of me wished I was home, since after all, I don’t belong here.
It was an entirely empty day. With no real plans, no real schedule and with no where that I really want to go.

Instead of free, I was feeling uneasy.
The amount of uneasiness I feel just from being too free, is just ridiculous!
I realized that being busy must have been a huge part of me for a long time already.

I went wandering the street to stop the feeling of emptiness, of being too far away from my love ones.
Managed to catch up with old friends along the way, in between train journeys!

That always make me feel so warm inside. Seeing my old friends again, from around the world. Really feels home; family.

However, after Monday, things were hell packed again.

Went to the North of Korea on tuesday. It was an interesting visit. It is a weird feeling of seeing everything as it is on documentaries and movies, however this time round, it is real. It almost seems like everything is a part of this huge joke, a drama scene, but just too serious.


The solider at the end of the door monitoring everyone.


Literally the border between the south and the north of Korea.


Me on the Land of North Korea. Not doing Gangnam style but was just placing my hands on my DSLR!

The Bridge of no return in Kaesong, North Korea. The story of the bridge came from its used for prisoner exchanges at the end of the Korean War in 1953. Many war prisoners captured by the United States then did not wish to return home. The prisoners were brought to the bridge and given the choice to remain in the country of their captivity or cross over to the other country. However, if they chose to cross the bridge, they would never be allowed to return, thus came about its name of the Bridge of no return.

The view of North Korea

The view of North Korea is being distinctively mark by its barren landscape, mountains totally emptied of trees. The reason being that Kim Jong-un ordered all the trees so be axed down so as to make hunting down of the refugees easier if they were to try to escape. Another reason being that with the lack of food in the North side, the only “food” available there were the barks of the trees. Thus sweeping off all the trees off the surface of North Korea.



The rare sight of the North Koreans. Mmm it makes you feel creepy actually. Not sure whether to smile or not, when the solider went in and came out with a camera to shoot us. One with strong red infra lights.

Some of the goods from North Korea include North Korea alcohol and their speciality Black soya bean chocolate which I have purchased some to try when I am home!

Of cause it was an memorable day. We even visited one of the four tunnels which North Korea have been secretly digging even until today to try to invade the South! It is a small low tunnel with pockets of mine holes on the side of the walls to blast at its armies. It was then that I realised the the North Koreans are 6 inches shorter than there South Koreans counterpart due to the lack of nutrient there in the north. Sadly photos are not allowed to be taken.

Wednesday I had endless meetings for possible future business opportunities and a radio interview (TBS radio channel) regarding my win of this free trip!  Damm yes if only just that could make me famous!


The interview was just basically about how did I find Korea (declared my love for it hahaha XD), and how did I win the trip, what do I think about the trip. The interview will be played this week! I wonder how I sound like!

  1. How did you get to apply for the event?
  2. What did you fill out in the application on what you wish to do during the tour? 
  3. Were you interested in Korea and its culture before? How much is Korean culture known in Singapore? 
  4. What aspects of Korean culture did you find interesting?  
  5. I heard you actually came with your mother. Was it your first time visiting Korea? Was it different from what you expected?
  6. Where did you visit during the trip?  
  7. Anything you and your mom particularly liked while staying here? 
  8. How do you think Korea can attract more visitors to the country? 
  9. What do you want to do when you go back home?
  10. Are you planning to visit Korea again in the future? 🙂


For those of you interested in participating in more of Korea Tourism Organisation‘s campaign and stand a chance to win a free trip there too as well as some free goodies, do visit there website to catch their promotion! The campaign now is a video participation!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.12.35 pm


Photo with the Radio Host!

I couldn’t thank TourImagine enough! For bringing me here to Korea.

Finished wednesday night with some clubs at the end! 🙂
A video by my dear friend Joshua Simon for you all to enjoy! Now don’t ever say that Singapore has got no Talent!