2 Nov 2014

Finally settled in, a cup of warm Coffee and some time to blog. It has been a long weekend…

Mum has returned back to Singapore. Now I am really just alone.. Yes with people. But it is hard to know who are real friends.
The past weekend, I have been dragging my baggages around, from cities to cites. Sending my mum to the airport, I have traveled from SinSa 신사역 to InCheon 인천공항  and back to SinSa 신사역 where I left my baggage there, only to travel back to GimPo 김포공항역 to pick up my main luggage. I was in the Subway for 5 hours that afternoon, with my mum arriving in Singapore just 30mins after I arrived in GimPo again. :/

Haha for you all who don’t know Korea so well, here is the map for you to have a rough idea of how far I went.


1st Journey the blue line, 2nd Journey the pink line, and the last journey the yellow line.

The day after didn’t fare so well too. Lolll With me traveling from GimPo to the border of North and South Korea, back to GimPo, to Gangnam, back up to HongDae.


With all my Baggage. BOTH of them plus my DSLR, laptop, skates and some boxes of cookies for my host. XD

At the borders, towers and soldiers can be seen, with fences everywhere. The whole stretch of the bank, the river and the vast land are all fenced up to prevent the armies from North Korea from infiltrating.


Look at the towers!
Been there, it gives you a deeper realisation of the issue present. Not just some documents videos that I watch on Youtube, nor a movie scripted.

Beautiful Migrating Birds flying over the countries. Funny how the birds have it easier than us humans.


Despite all the fences, towers and the seriousness of the issue, it is beautiful there.


 IMG_1785 IMG_1781

IMG_1796 IMG_1789


Lastly some Autumn Fun! Something I have always wanted to do for a long time!