Seoul 30 Oct 2014

I am back in Seoul. Today is Mum’s last day over here. Tomorrow she will be heading back home, also marking the 1st day of my journey alone here in Seoul. As before, I am staying here for a month. Yes a whole month. Again.
Well why? Many of you might be asking, what will you be doing there for a whole month!?

Mm well, nothing really.
I just want to experience living oversea alone for a while.

The difference between the last time and now, is that I have decided to rent a room for the month. This time round, I will be searching for school, for jobs, see if I could survive from scratch in a foreign country. I am nervous about this! But I am gonna try! After all we only live once. The reason why I chose this place is also because I am familiar with this place, have lots of friends here, enough to be safe.

Honestly, I really have no idea on what I should do over here, and this time round, despite missing Korea and the weather here so much when I was in Singapore, I am a little homesick.
Haha rare to hear that from me isn’t it? I guess because I am finally getting my bearing back in singapore and can’t wait to do more. I still love the mountains, flowers and the weather here, but I am feeling… I guess… alone here? I don’t know who I can trust. People back home are more, straightforward and honest. But I feel that being here alone will test my discipline and my determination to get to my goals! Also some space to concentrate and learn to be out of my comfort zone!

Today we had a walk at Han River and a walk at Dongdaemun too.


IMG_1737 Look! So MANY goods!!

Got a new coat! I really want to buy the entire wardrobe back. Haha but unless I move here, I wouldn’t be able to wear those long sleeves, amazing boots, coats in our Singapore’s weather. It wouldn’t look that “cool” anymore. XD

IMG_1728 IMG_1723

Ever imagine an Orange, orange tree?
It almost sound like it is only possible in the make believe world.


Look!! It is Gorgeous!!! and taste Super awesome. No seeds even!

I am going to bed tonight dreaming of Orange trees with oranges. 😀 Good night!