Jeju with Mummy

Yes I am now in Jeju!
My 2nd time in Jeju. My 2nd trip in this short 6 months. Haha I would have never imagined then that my next time would be so soon and with my Mum. In this short 6 months, my best friend got hitched, my friends attached, promises are made and some forgotten by the wind. The time passes as quickly as the shadows are fleeing.

Haha yes this Jeju trip feels so different from the last! This trip I get to cover more parts of Jeju! It is a lot more organised! but well it lack the touch of adventure that comes with being lost as I did the last time! Haha but I guess, being too often lost, make one tired despite the fun!

I had many lesson lesson learned in this short one day trip.

Visited the mystery road, the water do indeed flows up, so does the car. That somethings things that we do not understand does have its reasons too.

The Honesty Cafe shows the beauty of honesty.
The whole cafe is run by the honest givings of its’s guest. Everything is self service. You pay whatever amount you think that you have use, or that it deserve. I think that it is a beautiful concept! Yes it have its risk of being taken advantage of, but trusting in people, the owner also save himself of the trouble of hiring staff, of accounting, of all the mess and hassle of life. Isn’t life but to live simply? and with that we gain happiness as all.

IMG_0919 IMG_0818IMG_0821

The Boson Garden.

IMG_0846 IMG_0861

It is a beautiful place. Not just because of the beauty of the surrounding. But because the surrounding was built with the dream to share beauty and values, built with honesty and moral. It reflect the values of life, of how life can be abundance like the fruits in the tree as long as we live rightly not not greedily.




IMG_0876 IMG_0873

Our Tour group for the Day! Just the four of us! Couldn’t have asked for a better tour group! Trekked up SanBangSan 산방산!
Our Tour Itinerary can be found here! Click here.


IMG_1041 IMG_1045 IMG_1120
Just the Nature and me. Thats when I am the happiest. Haha perhaps more good photos too make me happy. XD

More gorgeous photos of JEJU! 제주도

For now, I am soaking my feet in a feet mask! One that I have just brought from the watson in Korea! Will let you guys know if it is good later! 😀


  IMG_1122 IMG_1124 IMG_1123

Tomorrow! The East side of Jeju! My favourite Side! 🙂
Lastly a gorgeous view of my 선생님’s hometown, for he is very proud of it. ^.^

Good night People. 🙂 I am an early bird now. It is only 10pm in Singapore :O