Autumn start of the Tour!

I am now in Korea! I have so much to say, so much I have seen, and I am so tired after doing so much! But I have been thinking of uploading all the Photos and sharing it with you guys as such beautiful things are such a pity to not share!

Firstly, I shall start off with,” Have you all seen Autumn before?”.  The colours of Autumn are despite just colours of Oranges and Reds, as colourful as it could be!


This is My First Autumn !!!!

The very reason of why we are here!! BuzzKorea has actually planned the whole trip base on this. Knowing that this is mum’s first time in Korea too, and that we have never experienced Autumn, they tailored the whole trip to the idea of enriching our Autumn’s experiences. So sweet aren’t they?~!

Our Planned itinerary are as such:

덕평휴게소 DorkPyorngHyuGyeSo

영덕강구항 YorngDorkGangGuHang

불러오자 BulLorOJa

블루로드 BeulLuRoDeu (BlueRoad)

보현산 BoHyornSan

주왕산 JuWangSan

강구항 GangGuHang

Yes I have actually been to all of these places in these two dayS! We have only just touched down Yesterday morning!! felt like a week has gone by already!

We were warmly greeted by the Organiser and our Translator/Tourguide once we had arrived at the Incheon airport. The team of Cameramen with all the equipments too. Haha so our Thursday morning started of with a series of “ACTION!” of my reaction when I won it! It was, a Celebrity -liked experience indeed. I felt like a Korea Famous Superstar!

Anyway,  more updates tonight, Got to go for now!
A beautiful Photo from the scene of 주왕산 JuWangSan 1st for your Enjoyment!