21 Oct 2014

This few days, I have been busy with Photo shoots and Work again. Despite been busy, my thoughts have been constantly running back to the scene of the argument.
It does upset me. Especially when at home my brotherS, both of them, have been ignoring me. Kind of. Like walking out of Home when I was talking. Sigh. Well. But this update is not about more complains.

I have made up my mind. I have been talking to my friends, some of them who knows my brother and some of them who understand their position better, those youngest in the family. I guess, I will have to control my temper better. Stop throwing my domination around as the eldest, stop using my title to rule over them. I guess that will have to go to not “force” them to listen or respect me, then hopefully in time to come they will just learn it on their own to, as such things will just have to wait still they understand and learn it on their own.

Haha BUT, I still don’t think I am at fault. I don’t think I am at fault at being angry too. I am feeling better now, my frustration is gone. I don’t feel as desperate, that nothing can be done. Well I just really do want to teach my brothers well. I have to be patience!

Aside from the thoughts, I have been working non-stop, studying Korean, taking photoshoots. The last photoshoot’s photos are out! But not yet the final Product! Just a sneak peek for you guys!


I have been doing another photoshoot with Anson Chew again. Because, this time it is underwater!!

Haha well I am not in my best shape… But this video is a rough idea of how the shoot went!

It was a 2 to 3 hours shoot! The whole time my eyes were open UnderWater!! Each time I have to control my breathing, to exhale my breath enough to sink but keep enough inside to be able to breath! And SMILE! and not let the air bubble be in my face nor the hair covering the eye!!! Control the flow of the Shawl, Cloth, The LAYERS of dress. Oh and weights, at the end I “kop” Anson’s weights, cause it is too hard to go down! Haha by the end of 3 hours, my ears were stinging, my nose running and my eyes were blood red!!! I felt so sick after. Loll Hahah but overall it was a really interesting experience!



Haha my Dairy on the other hand in Korean. Part of School’s work.

10월19일 일기

아침 열한시에 일어났어요. 사진촬영이 있었어요. 촬영은 수중촬영이 있어요, 너무 어려웠어요. 수영장안에서 오랜시간 수영해야했어요. 눈을 떠야했요 정말 아팠어요. 찰영후에 East Coast 공원으로 갔어요. 스케이팅수업이 다섯시에 있었어요. 여덟시에 전녁밥을 멱었어요. 새볙 열두시에 집에 왔어요. 게이사 다큐멘터리를 봤어요 세시에 잠을잤어요.

New words = 눈을 뜨다*

In my personal opinion, too many Past Tense. Repetitive!