21 Oct 2014

I have been having a busy week. My schedules up to 3 different Jobs and Locations a day. It has been Hectic. But among all the bustling, I could have say it has been the longest time since I have been enjoying myself so much. πŸ™‚

I have gotten so sick recently till I am beyond caring.

Ever since that I have gone beyond the stage of caring what people have been saying about me and trying to please everybody, surprisingly things started to become better. After I stopped trying.
After I have stopped trying to get myself all over the place trying to make myself better for everyone, things started coming into place for me. Jobs started coming in, I started knowing people with similar mindset and goals, and realized a lot of things.Β  That I do not need to change. That changing is by believing in myself and my values. That the foundation for change is already in-built in me. That I just have to trust the Direction which the change is gonna take me to, and focus on building the dynamics of the change. The wheel would roll to it’s direction as long as it keep rolling.

Finally I am collected, just being myself and concentrating on being myself.


Feeling all the much better, I could not wait to get projects started! Couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling!
Tired, thinking of the ending goal seems far, endless and unreachable, but I am excited. It is hard to get me excited. πŸ™‚

No matter whether my goal fail or not, this I am sure will take me closer to where I will feel happier!


For now, it is just 1 week more before my trip to Korea again!!! Haha Yes I love that place too much.