18 Oct 2014

I guess I am picking up on this blogging thing.
Now it feels more comfortable blogging and more enjoyable then work. Hahah XD I hope you guys are enjoying it more as well!
It gives me great satisfaction actually, whenever I receive questions or emails from my readers. Because it least I know that my hours spent in typing, selecting and uploading the pictures aren’t gone to waste! oh and the research! XD Haha yes I am complaining a little! You guys better rate or like the posts more! hahaha ^.^ Well it would be much appreciated.

As for now, I’ve been busy with a few photo shoots here and there. I am actually enjoyed myself a lot! A lot more than I have been in a long while.
There has been a while where I was feeling kind of down and low, and feeling really bad about myself. As people have been commenting that I am fat or that I use to look nicer before. That I was too muscular and big, and my modeling jobs vanish to almost non! Plus not only that, I have resort to trying pills and more. Really, the main thing was that, it just fuel the desperateness I felt then. I only took it for a while. Haha because I got ill (not from the pills) and have to consume regular medication for a few months. Oh I didn’t lose weight. However, I did after, when I stop minding so much about it. Maybe it is from the muscle mass. Cause I have stopped gymming, due to the dislocation and my asthma, I’ve stopped working out except running occasionally.

Despite being the same, still probably “fat” haha, well I have been feeling better. I guess when you fully accept yourself, people accept you for who you are as well! 🙂 So jobs started coming back in again! Thus I swear I have been so busy!

Some Teaser and Photos for your Enjoyment! 🙂

IMG_4469 IMG_4417





Credit to Anson Chew!

and the next Shoot!