99 Percent Hair Studio

Hehe! I did my HAIR again~! Wahaha

This time it is now PurPLE!!!


Gorgeous Right? XD

Hahaha. Actually, I have been waiting to dye it purple for the longest time already.
However… Due to modeling and being concern that it would cause me to lose some jobs, I have always kept my hair Long and Safe….

Really now thinking back, after chopping my locks off and exploring it with fanciful colors every other month, was.. well. now of the best fun I had for the longest time.
and Hey, the jobs still comes in. They actually comes in more then it has been for months.

So you there!

Those of you who have been afraid to splash some colors in your life, don’t be afraid! really.
Because when you are happy, you know your style, people who appreciate will increase much more then it would be another way round!
Being the same never pay out well anyway!

I had my little retreat one day in the bustling street of Katong!


The stylist who did my hair had such an awesome hair too! His hair really caught my eyes.
I did ask him about it. It was a color mix of platinum silver and purple. (Eyes with Heart**)


Hahaha anyway… while I was touching up the old Red with Pink and bleaching new strands into Purple, I came across this article on the Magazine.


I kind of FIT into everyone of this INSTAGRAM “Labels!” Loll
Read the “you know you’ve gone overboard when:” column

Am I such a Irritation on Instagram? ;P HAhahaha I probably am right?

IMG_4350 IMG_4348 IMG_4356

With such SPAMMING of Photos.
HAhaha I swear I am going to post more up if not for the Likes. That would be of such a miserable amount if I posted too many photos.

The end Result of my Purplistic Hair!

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 7.51.17 pm


Why I love it other than the fact that it is colorful! Because it can look tame too when not under the harsh light.

  IMG_4769 IMG_4775

Lastly, I am presenting to you a whole Range of SELFIES which I am not allowed to SPAM on Instagram!!! Of my new Hair!

😛 Enjoy and Sayonara!

Salon: 99 Percent Hair Studio





Lastly, a Preview Pic from my Vespa Photoshoot with Anson Chew!
Showcasing my New Hair! 😀


Keep your eyes here for the Next Posting!