May Trips – Busan 1


There are so many so many posts to update. After all, I have been Global trooping!
I had been in Korea for one and a half month!

Yes I have been posting about Korea a lot. But just hand on! There are still Beijing, Australia, and Hong Kong to go for the Adventures in April… Though it is Sept already! Oh wait October is around the corner!
But no worries, I had a long break from travel 여행 YorHaeng since June. Hahaha so you guys will be safe from my travel tempts for a while.

For now, let’s get our ass to Busan 부산!


Taking the KTV to Busan would cost between 60,000 won to $40,000 won. It all depend on the type of train 열차 YorlCha you are sitting to if it happens to be holiday season! Weekends 주말 JuMal cost more.
The KTX tickets is best to be book in advance! Via the internet! Or, booking on the spot would require hours of waiting and does not guarantee a ticket! The train timing schedule can also be view online. The journey take just 2.5hr – 3 hours only!

Of course, it takes you to quite a few places around Korea! Not just Busan.

english_050401010000_img1_01 IMG_7552

It has all together 4 different lines so double check when purchasing the tickets!



Board my KTX at Seoul Station 서울역 SeoulYork, with heaps of Chocolates and water for the Journey, I arrived in Busan barely slept a wink!
Oh plus maybe because I had a fine conversation with the nice gentleman beside me. XD He speaks Mandarin! We spoke in weird mixture of Mandarin, Korean and English.


Arriving in Busan, it was my 2nd time there. 1st time was just 8months ago, to visit a good friend. She was how I started learning Korean. 🙂 Time for a 2nd visit!
This time, a Miss Korea to visit too, and that brought me to 해운대 HaeUnDae!


Miss Korea

Treated to some 삼겹살 SamGyorpSal and 노래방 NoRaeBang upon arrival! They are all too kind to me!



We had it the traditional way with dessert 후식 HuSik and 소맥 SoMaek!


Dessert is call 후식 HuSik in Korean!


Places to visit in Busan

1. 해운대 HaeUnDae


My 1st view of 해운대 HaeUnDae! I was fortunate. Miss Korea stay just by it ! So the 1st things i have decided to do was to exploring the Haeundae Beach, just 10mins away from where I am lodging!

Woke up early for a few days to chase the sunrise 일출 ilChul! but to no reward.. 😦 Still, it is a beautiful sight! and there is nothing better then to spend the morning basking by the Dawn light listening to the Waves!

IMG_7851 IMG_7975

IMG_7866 IMG_7802

The Haeundae Beach hold to its name.It is one of the top favorite location of both the tourists and locals alike. It has a beach that stretches endlessly into the mountains at both ends, which is what made the view amazing to me. The view of DalMajIAnDork hill 달맞이안덕 at the end of the stretch, is dotted with houses and building right up to the top!
Of course with the spectacular view, pictures speak a thousand words more than I could ever pen down in paper. So here are some more photos!

2. 동백 공원 Dongbaek Park

Walking further down to the park beside 해운대 HaeUnDae, 동백 공원 Dongbaek GongWon Park is also a place worth a walk.
There is where you will find the Mermaid stature, the Light house and where the Nurimaru APEC house is located at too. Just a quick one will do though. 🙂

The route in the Park take you to the end where it will over look 광안 대교 GwangAn DaeGyo Bridge and the Marine City 마린 스이티

3. 부산 터월 Busan Tower

On my third day in Busan, my friends have all got work, I was left alone to explore Busan for the day! Busan Tower! I was aiming to catch the sunset 일몰 ilMol, 터월위에 top of the tower.
and… I spent my afternoon sleeping. Haha but I was up since 3.30am! to catch sunrise!

IMG_7992 IMG_7997
Arriving at 남포역 NamPo Station


Taking the direct Escalator up to the Tower!



Purchased my ticket and I am going up! Just in time to see the city blanketed by the Dark!



Gorgeous view from High Up!

For now, Thats all for BUSAN part 1! 해운대 HaeUnDae동백 공원 Dongbaek Park and the 부산 터월 Busan Tower!

I did this in just 1day and 1 night! Haha I was dead tired after. But I went to chase another round of Sunrise! This time I managed to catch it! But that is for the next post!


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