Singapore’s Issues

Reading through the latest article on Yahoo, “Models’ nude photos leaks Part 1” brought a lot of 感想 emotions and thoughts out from me.–part-i—models-speak-up-155249668.html

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Yes I have been in such circumstances myself. In this line for 5 years, I have seen a lot. People might say why do it, or be indigent about the whole issue as some of the commenter have said, “easy” money.

Photographers, or dont even say photographers, say guys. They will be asking and asking and asking for more and more. In any industry, any kind of job this will be the same. Just base on what context.

However, all I can say is that, it is hard for people who have not been through a certain circumstances to fully understand.
I personally feel that everyone has the right to their own choice, however bridging on one’s words, we all know who is in the wrong, whether or not the person actually deserves it. So save the debate.

As the girls have mentioned in the article.. Really, think about it, how many people would actually not take the money if let’s say this thing have no way of being leaked out. Half the amount of people would have taken the money. We all know that Morals, Values, Dignity compared with Money these days, money might be worth much more. As how our police system have taught us for example. That for most stuff because they aren’t major stuff, if you want to settle it, you can Engage a Lawyer. Because of the way our current environment is, we can’t actually say the girls were dumb, maybe they are the smarter one even.

No, I am not siding the girls, But I am just hoping that everyone of you who have happened to read this; keep a more open mind about issue not just this Leaked nude photos case, but to many of our issues in the World these days. Because keeping an Open mind is the first step we all can take to change things. Especially when we all know these days how different everyone are. Singapore especially should learn from our Racial and Religion tolerance Background.

No I haven done any nude shoot myself. Lol I have just been through the same circumstances and understand what brought about their actions.


The reason why it brought so much emotional through me was not just of the fact that this issue is one which I can very closely related to, and of one regarding my industry, of the People I know, but because this is one of the many few Major Issues which Singapore is facing but are all just left around for just the passing time to clear up the mess.
Such Issues that do not categories anywhere; cheating, taking advantage of others, bullying, violence, fights, robbing does not have to be a literal thing too. These presumably small issues are issues that are not important enough to be given attention by the governing bodies but are issues too. Issues that the people are being taken advantage of but are suppose to forget them? (Not told to us in our face directly but in some ways that’s how it seems.) Yet People are questioned on why aren’t they working hard enough for the country and questioned on the ways youths are brought up these days.


Things are going around in Circles.

The Police Forces, the governing forces in Singapore, are giving the same Answer. (maybe Reply is a better word for it) Since most of the time the advise we were given is, to either to report the case (by having it in a report), or to purse it (hiring your own lawyer). Yes Help are given. However for one to be eligible for the Help, it is also an Impossible thing.
“Personal” case are to be settled among the civilian themselves. (I don’t see how Personal the case can get when you do not even know the opposite party.)
The only answer it is kind of giving, is telling the People that Money is the only Solution.

Yes of course the government is at its wit’s end too.
It must be hard to govern a country and every country has so many issues and bigger more major issues to deal with than all these. However, these Issues aren’t minor issues anymore. They are all growing to be the roots of all the Major issues. I am not the only person who have faced these but nearly every other person these days. Every issue need to be addressed by teaching and governing the people to do what they ought to do. Controlling the people and telling them what they should do, restricting most things isn’t governing anymore


Of course, I am nobody who know enough to say anything. So just a thought!

This post was in some way, only the very surface of this ridiculous issue, one of the many few huge issues Singapore currently face, but I am truly grateful and thankful to Yahoo for being the only trustworthy News source these days, providing unbiased, true articles, instead of stirred-up News, just for Extra readership purposes.

Trust me, that I know as I have been on many News and Media myself to know what various news have done to each article.
For that, thank you Yahoo!
Hopefully for the people out here, we would all learn to be more perceptive and less critical on differences, in behavior or choice. That we would be more thankful to the good in our life that they aren’t for granted and stand up for the Right things so that our future would too go a Right path.

Yes I am still proud to be Singaporean.