The Crazy Hair Journey



What has gone into my head to make me decide from A this to … A


THIS? A Short Bob.

Yupe I ve cropped my hair short!!

Why had I, or what had made me, decided to make the change?!

Many people have been asking me these questions when I 1st snipped my locks off. Some even thought it was a wig or photo-shopped.
Haha, the truth was… it was entirely unplanned.
That! was what had given me the courage to just snip off the hair which have took YEARS to have grown.


I always have this belief, that to have really travel, one has to try to travel and live the ways of the local.
So what happen was…


In Seoul. Just before visiting the salon.

One Spring,

me in my Golden Hay of grassy locks, went to the salon in Gangnam, to test the skill of the hairstylists there. Hahah. XD

I was thinking with my Grassy hair that breaks every time I brush it, the safest bet is to try the salons of the country crazy about beauty, Korea.

IMG_6038Of Course the Hairstylist did ask me what kind of style of looks I was looking for and we visual this amazing haircut together…. Not.
Lol We cant communicate. Well all I did told her was “Anything Pretty

Hahaha and then the next I know is oops my hair! Haha I cant exactly tell her Hey! Thats not what I want! after half my hair was already gone from the 1st snap. Not that I can communicate that well yet then. XD

IMG_6091Hahah So the 1st Selfie! 10 Years since my last Bob.
and Yes i look almost Korean with this Korean Bob.

Since then, My hair has been going through a few transformation in that short Span of

1 and a half Month.

Short to Long, to Curls, to Straight and Wavy, even a Scottish look.


A month after

I ve decided that it was already getting too long. It cant even be considered as a short hair anymore!

Since it is already short, I dont really feel the pinch anymore of nipping it to up my ears. My only advice to Leslie Yap the Creative Director is to crop it SHORT this time round and of course MOSCHE Hair Salon never fail to do a fabulous cut!


IMG_0440But this time A Singaporean Bob!


3 days after…..

;’D I visited MOSCHE salon again… For another change of Style.

I felt more Thai in this hairstyle.

Or felt like I am the ROGUE from X-Men.  EvoRogueWith the hair I went AhJuMa (Auntie) curls, to Pageant Curls as well.

IMG_1510IMG_1526IMG_1621IMG_1736and Side Braids
I’ve even manage to get it all tied up once in this Street Fighter style!

IMG_1577I did had fun alright. I could have enjoyed myself better or been further away from regretting cropping off the Old Locks. It does feel very liberating indeed.

3 weeks after

After the 2nd cut in Singapore MOSCHE HAIR SALON in Royal Plaza Orchard, I found my way.. in Kuala Lumpur…

By then, you it has became a Bob again! I wonder how my hair grew out so Quickly too! No I wasnt having weird thoughts!


Red, Pink. I wasnt intending to go unnoticed.
America Pop Style maybe?



So for now, I am staying at Pink. Soon it will turn light pink! and thennnn… maybe… after… Purple? Violet? It is hard to decide when you have a whole Rainbow of choices!

Gallery of Hair Journey since 2010

IMG_0553You only Live once after all Right? 🙂

Let’s YOLO!