TO the Guys out there.

To the Guys out there, I had my last straw.

Guys, get it straight ok?

Quit asking me to have Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Drinks with you every alternate day, and weeks! It is Fucking IRRITATING.
Yes a GOOD MORNING, GOOD AFTERNOON, How have you been, What are you doing and GOOD NIGHTSssss are Freaking IRRITATING too. What am I suppose to tell you?! Arh? What do you want me to say really?! Do you think texting me everyday or even every week is a very sweet thing? IT IS JUST TEXTS. Messages no matter how sweet are just messages! It is not only meaningless but it is considered Spamming.

If you actually know me, or want to know me, the top three things you should know about me is, 1st I am Fucking busy, 2nd I HATE Texting, 3rd I DISLIKE Alcohol and NIGHTLIFE. Yes I like dancing but no I DONT LIKE NIGHTLIFE. IT IS DIFFERENT. STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME go out for a DRINK.

I dont not Have to know you.
I dont not Want to know more about you too.
Yes I am NOT looking for a Boyfriend, so I have even less reason to want to know you. (SPAMMING ME MAKES IT WORST.)

IF you guys do treat me as a friend, or~ “so call” say, it is because you are treating me as a friend, then ACCEPT ME. BUSY IS MY LAST NAME.

If you are important enough, if I am free, If we get along, then~ we get along! Why make making friends so HARD?! FRIENDS DO NOT HAVE TO MEET EVERY WEEK. NO ONE ever DO THAT. (Nor text every day)
Friends want the best for each other. We have to work towards our own goals and that require TIME. Plus in Singapore, Time are barely enough already.

If I ve met you twice in a year, consider that I am already doing my best?! 4440 friends. Not all are on Facebook. (I dont add people I dont know)

 I need 12.1 YEARS to meet everyone ONCE ok? 알아? ㅠㅠ

Do just get the “hint” I am NOT OBLIGATED to be friends with you.


*This message above are not meant for friends. But for all of my friends out there, do know how special you are and how much I treasure each one of you. I DO and I did and I will make time for all of you if I can.*


I need TIME for MYSELF doing the Things I want to do.

Yes I rather watch Youtube videos, do Stupid Drawing or even talk to myself, because at least it brings me somewhere.

Thank you for Granting me that.

Oh and Asking me to send you photos of myself? why?????
What is the one thing beneficial for doing this ridiculous action?
ell me why I should not feel frustrated about this?

Yes if there is a good reason you are free to comment below.


Signing off,

*Message only to those you think I am talking about you, then I probably am*