With the melodies in the background, time tickling by, with every seconds, my night sneaked passed.

Every Night is seems.


As my years counts got longer, it seems that my nights seems have grew longer too.

Mornings now seems barely visible. Almost just a whispering legend. A time only associated with work, requirements and duties. A time, anybody hardly wanted to be associated with. 

Gone are the days where birds chirp along with the morning songs, but now one of a last reminder to head to bed. Last before sleep get uncomfortable, too hot, too bright, scattering dreams away. A melody before sleep. 


But why?

The peace and the quiet of the comforting darkness, of secrets, tears, split identities and forbidden stories, are all too precious to be exchanged, and exposed with the glaring rays. 

The moment where one could wander in ones thoughts and not be judged nor disturb, dance and laugh your hearts out, or work to your hearts, mind and soul content and be sheltered from the pressure of Tick Tock, Tick Tock, cooling breeze lacing thoughts with dreams, unconscious and awake.


Oh I have spent my glittery, starry nights, not wondering about grammar, on creating luscious landscapes and speaking an alien language. Yes I am spending a hell lot of hours, or in fact most hours, rattling to a… another thought, a…. listening ear, miles away. I drew, with the blood from my soul.


I random dream in fact. 


The grey hues gradually begin to be seep with colours, I once again awake to my senses. My chase, my rush my pursue of…. Perhaps some achievements, or even just some recognition. Sleep Ziyi sleep. 

Sleep so that you can reach your dreams, your goals and success, sleep.