Corrective Eye Surgery 3- after the surgery

The actual discomfort was only beginning to start…

You can now get up~“, said Dr Yu as he changed out of his operating robe.

I tumble my way walking out of the surgery room, with the nurses by my side. Mmm I am unsure of what I am to do. Am I to go utterly blind and completely close my eyes? Am I to try to see if I could see?! Can I move my eyeballs? Should I? What if I affect my eyes? The Flip or flap or whatever?! When would I know if I could see??

The questions are all that filled my head at that moment. Oh, and that strange red blinking lights. Yes despite going through the entirely strange procedure of having your eyes CLAMPED, I haven got much less than a thought on the whole procedure. It wasn’t that bad at all. I was focus on concentrating on being normal. Yes Normal. Pretending, oh being blind is just such a normal thing! I am so use to it. Yes walking normally, looking at ease, without my sight, is something I do everyday! Hahaha, yeaaa right..

As I fumble through my way, it took almost all of my will power to stop my hands from stretching out.

Before long, after the final few eye drops, briefing and collection of medication, I was free to check out! The big realization only sat in then. Mmm so… what am I gonna do… I cant exactly surf through my day with my iphone… I cant even exactly find where is the refrigerator to get food!!! Sohee (my dear friend who accompanied me to the doctor) have got work to do and a romantic dinner date after, which I do not intend to spoil. However, I cant exactly make do with a packed lunch and be home alone for the next 12 hours till she is home! :O Which is really a relief after that I was thinking this way. Because the next few hours was indeed almost unbearable as I was without pain killers nor sleeping pills…..

We phoned another friend of mine which had no choice but was obligated to Nanny me for the day! Hahaha now, probably looking back, he should have never pick up that phone call….

The 1st thing I did was, ” Hey I need to go to the bathroom.” Awkward silence.. Ok… So how are we gonna go about doing that?!
2nd thing was, straight after coming out of the bathroom. Nope, I did not fall into it. Yes I did manage to get my pants back on after.I think I need some coffee….
1st Rule to learn, do not consume any coffee after your Surgery. You will WANT to SLEEP. You will wish that you can sleep! 3rd thing I did after some coffee and blind selfie is, Whine. ” I really want to go Home!!!~~~~” Hahahaha yes I dont know what’s got into me, but I really did did that. Poor Damon. oh and I cried on the taxi’s way home. Hahahah


The baby sitting job stretched from a day, to a few days job… (Muwhahaha *Evil Laughter in the background)

Well… the pain is more of like an irritation. Imagine leaving your eye wide open with the wind blowing in it, or wearing the piece of contact lens for 3 whole days without removing it. Dry. A really dry kind of feeling in your eye. Now, add a grain of sand into it and close your eyes. Cause it is now too weak to have the strength to lift its lid or even try squinting. So we cant exactly call this pain, but the whole irritation is one enough to make you unable to sleep, form a terrifying migraine and also make life hell for your friend who will be taking care of you. Lol If I am not wrong, that is what had happened… XD Well, or at least, it was irritating to the point that I would rather have pain. But then again, I wasnt prescribed pain killers nor sleeping pills which most patients would be prescribed. I wasn’t so sure of the reason why, but the doctor must have thought that the surgery went pretty well, that it want necessary. He must have have his reason. It wasnt that bad. The worst was just pretty much only on the 1st day of the operation. The only thing bad enough comparing to the irritation was perhaps just the lack of things to do, so patients who are going go through this same procedure as I am, prepare a Friend, a friend who can, talk alot, with at least a track record of 3 hours at one stretch. Hahaha trust me, or least you will pretty much be facing your death with the boredom. I was lucky, though unprepared, I stumbled into one. My nanny came equipped with that. ㅋㅋㅋ


So the next few days I was just Rolling, Tossing, Flipping on the bed (my poor friend have to sleep on the hard floor), Eating, Talking and Sleeping. It was a pretty good feeling. Almost one compare to one of the King. Hahahah Food was served, Drinks, Coffee and I barely have to move a finger! Hahaha Yes being blind was hard, but it was just the initial part. After a while, who cares what people think of you, you cant see them anyway. Plus the world becomes a better place without the 1st judgement through sight.

I really enjoy my hair wash in the salon that few days, my walks and my meals despite not being being to see them. However, it give me the time to focus on the other senses. On the smell and the change of the directions n the wind, the warmth when the ray of the sun is in my face, as way as the hustle and bustle of the commutators on the streets. It was also at then that my imagination was given the luxury to draw and paint the whole environment which I did not get to see.
It was only after a 1 week after when I recover my sight, that I realize hey, it was pretty funny after all! The scenario in my head is nothing like the actual thing! Everything was exaggerated and elongated. I had a pretty good laugh after and a really refreshing break. 🙂 and I gained a good friend. Despite making his time Hell, cooking, cleaning and baby sitting me, it was some quality mess we managed to spent together and that could never have been gain through anywhere else.


By the end of the third day, difficulties I ve managed to overcome include:

  • Navigating around the house on my own
  • Eating, finding where the roundabout of the Food is and the location of my Mouth
  • Finding Water
  • Finding the Eye drops and my other personal belonging
  • Finding the Trash bin
  • Replying Text Messages by purely hearing and touch.
  • Knowing the Time without looking at the time!

Look! I am eating without looking!

Haha. This is how I look I guess most of the time. Secret snap shots taken on the 2nd day after the surgery.



Day 1 is where Most of the Discomfort is felt. Eyelids are completely weak, feeling dry and the discomfort of a peck of sand (the recovery lens) is felt. Like the feeling of a spoilt lens. Yes I was COMPLETELY BLIND and have to be led around by a friend.

Day 2. Still blind but the intensity of the pain wasn’t as bad as the first day. Intensity of boredom increases. Eyes are extremely sensitive to any Light.
Good news is, one could partially part the eye (like a slit only) when in a completely dark room by Nightfall. However, it would be better to not strain the eye!

Day 3. I could see in the dark. Oh, yes I was living in utter darkness for 3 days, so was my ChinGu 친구 Friend. I could open my eye already by mid Afternoon! Still sensitive to the light. By do not need any help anymore! Other than from the Sunglasses!!

By Day 4 I have regained my sight completely and only needed the sunglasses in broad daylight! So I was a cool girl with a Paris Hilton kind of glasses on that day!

Untitled-1It was completely normal by Day 5, as if nothing did happen!
Just that… Suddenly I do not need glasses, nor contacts anymore! Xoxo

$1.2k for this adventure of a lifetime. haha why not?
Life is about moments anyway.


Post Lasek After-care
Eye drops ointment are to be applied during the first few days following the surgery! A second clinical visitation is necessary for an evaluation of how the operation went. This will be followed by periodic check-ups deem necessary.

Generally, visual recovery after LASEK (and epi-LASIK) is significantly slower than after LASIK and often slower than the recovery after PRK. Initial visual recovery can take up to a week with LASEK (as opposed to 24 hours in typical LASIK cases) and final outcomes can be seen anywhere from a few weeks to several months.
LASEK and PRK outcomes are similar though to LASIK results. Most people achieve 20/20 vision after laser eye surgery, and nearly all achieve 20/40 visual acuity or better.

LASEK eye surgery offers a safe and effective alternative to LASIK but typically is performed only if you are not a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery, owing to the faster visual recovery and minimal discomfort associated with LASIK.
An experienced eye doctor will be able to advise you when LASEK is the best vision correction surgery for your individual needs.
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Total Cost I've Spent:
Lasek - $800
Lodging - $0
Food - $0 :D hehe
Time - 3 Days + check ups after
Flight - $480 for a last min booking return ticket

Total Cost 1 Person is estimated to Spend:
Lasik/Lasik - $1.2k to $1.6k SGD
Lodging - Motel at $30 to $40 SGD per night
Food - $5 SGD per meal
Time - 2 weeks to add in check ups
Flight - $350 to $500 contact me for cheaper alternative!

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