Lets put Korea’s trip storytelling on a hold for a little. I am so tired of choosing which photos to upload out of the few thousand photos i have taken. On what I am more sick of is of the UPLOADING of photos! Argh. Simply hate it. Oh I am just hopeless at this.

One thing that I am utterly hopeless at, is with the PC. I really seems to lose all my patience and intelligence when I have to face a computer!

I just want to rant today. I have been doing good settling back into Singapore. Life catch up with me, I am now so busy with schedules, appointments, to do list it seems never ending. Yet, I have never any idea what any of these is all about.
Today I just want to rant because I am feeling lost, probably I am. I guess everyone must kind of have felt this sometimes in their life before, even Psy, I ve read,had once change his major and studied business for a while, he must have not known where he is heading to too. I don’t haven know what I am feeling. My life is kind of perfect! I have almost everything anyone got ask for! Ok except the boyfriend part but that is just one small tiny part. However, why am I feeling so down so hopeless and with no motivation to live?! I have so many things I want to do with my life!

However, I ve kind of lost my motivation… Like i seems to have lost my ability to have fun, lost the ability to feel passionate about things anymore. I do not even know why is it so. I feel sad in Singapore. I think my only joy comes with sharing beautiful things with people these day. My joy lies in sunrises, in the valleys and summits, in the rays of the sun and the playful toss of the wind in hair. My joys come with hearing the laughters of others, more of these than of all the achievement I could achieve. But yet, these makes me sad too. It makes me feel lonely, with no goals and no purpose in life. Really, i have no idea what am I to do, where should I go from here and how long am I going to go circles for!

I envy people with achievements in life. People who have a goal and enjoy the process of “getting along” with life. But what is these about anyway? Why so? Why is this important even? They are even probably envying me? That I am free to do whatever I want! Life is getting too confusing for me, more and more with every age. I just want to stop thinking and start feeling my heart beating with passion again. It seems so hard.

Well anyway took a breather the other day to the field of Champions way.
Champion way isn’t a name I came up with. It is the actual road name of a road in Singapore. Yes Singapore. In Woodlands.

Took my precious! for a Spin to bask some sunrise! and a quick run in the Open!IMG_0261 IMG_0266IMG_0265Nothing take my mind off things better than some fresh air with some sun rays to lift my mood! Sadly this field along the Champions way isn’t going to exist in the near future. Development are just building up too quickly in Sg and many things are to be sacrifice along the way, to make space. However, it is just so sad to see this beautiful space gone and to be sacrificed along the way. 😦

IMG_0235They are already starting the constructions.. of probably yet another high-rise…

I do wonder what would be left of Singapore and the World for our children.
At least these big problems make my tiny little aimless thoughts regarding my life seems small! Sometimes I wish I could save the world! Haha but like they say 车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直 (click here for translation)。I will just do my best in life! I guess whenever we do our best in life, we will all be ok.. and get to where we are suppose to be! 🙂

Signing off! 🙂