April and May Trips – In Seoul part 2

Many of you have been telling/asking me, “Ah Ziyi! I am going to Korea in a few Days/Weeks/Months time, where is it good to go?!” So in this post, where my journey in Seoul 서울 began, I will state all the places I have been to so that you can probably have a look and see which of the places seems more appealing to you, for you to pop a visit yourself! ^.^

So…. With finally more time in my hand, despite being in Korea 한국 (HanGuk) for already 2 weeks!, I arranged for my (LESIK 라섹 (Will explain the difference in the Lasik 라식 and Lesik 라섹 in the next blog post)) surgery 수술 (SuSul) date with my doctor and finally did some touring!
Places I have visited!

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 3.44.26 pmHahaha. Yes I was kind of all over the place. But don’t sweat it, the subway 지하철 in Seoul 서울 actually drop you at basically everywhere, with each train station 기차역 (GiChaYork) a walking distance from the next so that you don’t have to walk much yourself! Just take the train 기차 (GiCha)!

Most of the tourist location are accessible by the subway as well, with maps 지도 (JiDo) and tourist information 관광 안내소 (GwanGwang AnNaeSo) counters at the exit 출구 (ChulGu) of the train station 기차역 (GiChaYork). So no worries about losing your way!
With the guideline of this map 지도 (JiDo) here you can roughly estimate the time 시간 (SiGan) needed for you to get to your station 역 (York is the short form they use for train station, station however is not equivalent to York) from your accommodation.

Here I am also gonna highlight the stations, of the places I have visited, for you to have a clearer picture of where I have been!

1) 인사동 InSaDong

is a street that offers rich opportunities for visitors to experience Korean traditional culture and arts. During the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), the street was dominated by Dohwawon, a place of study for painters. The area is still a center for the arts, art lovers continue to set up shop along the narrow alleys, making it an unique place, full of folk crafts, pottery, and paintings! Not known to many foreigners, InSaDong is also a place where many good food and restaurants existed, where the local frequent! Like the 똥빵 Ddong Bbang, Shit/Poop Bread, literally it is what it sound like. A bread in the shape of a shit. But it is delicious! It comes in different flavours such as red bean, chocolate, and caramel peanut. Here are some of the other flavour it comes in! Credits from: http://cuteinkorea.com

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 6.10.27 pm

The snack itself is very simple in concept like the popular Egg Bread where the warm sweet batter is placed in a shaped mold followed by a dollop of filling! Which after they are closed, flipped, and in a few minutes the warm crispy treat is complete and pops right out of the tray! Read about about 똥빵 Ddong Bbang, Shit/Poop Bread in http://cuteinkorea.com/poop-bread/!
Trying out the 똥빵 Ddong Bbang Shit/Poop Bread with my 나의 NaEr friends 친국 ChinGuk!
To go to 인사동 InSaDong alight at 안국역 AnGukYork AnGuk Station.
쌈지길 SSamJiGil is the street where it is all just hand-made products and accessories 악세사리 AkSyeSaRi!

2) Visited 종각역 JongGak Station

where there is a nice park along the waterway, 청계천 ChorngGyeChorn. It was decorated with beautiful Buddha lanterns then, due to it being the buddha’s birthday that week.


종각역 JongGakYork JongGak Station is also a place which have many food stalls and motels available! So if you are looking for a good place to stay in Korea, JongGak 종각 is not a bad place. It has food 음식 ErmSik available 24hrs and really good motels 모텔 MoTyel costing just $30-$40 USD. JongGak Station 종각역 is also where the famous Bell pavilion 보신각 BoSinGak is it. 보신각 BoSinGak is the bell was the centre of the castle in the JoSeon Dynasty, which is currently rung every midnight on New Year’s Eve! This bell 종 Jong is also how JongGak’s name came about. More about it on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosingak!

3) 양재시민의숲 YangJaeSiMinErSup

Yang Jae Citizen’s Forest, where there is a beautiful flower 꽃 Ggok garden 정원 JorngWon in the midst of it!


4) 경복궁 GyeongBukGung!

The Royal Palace of Korea! Visited the Royal Place with some friends! Of course this is a place where it is not to be missed if it is your 1st time in Korea. One of the most historic and significant symbol of South Korea, voted as the most scenic location in Seoul, followed by Mount Namsan and Han River in the top spots (quoted from Wikipedia). However, that I believe depend on personal preference and liking! I enjoyed 관악산 GwanAkSan GwanAk Mountain’s scenery more. I am more of a nature’s lover~
The name 경복궁 GyeongBukGung, a Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven, Gung means “Palace” while Gyeongbok means “Greatly Blessed by Heaven”. More information on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyeongbokgung#Tourism!


Some photos of the Scenic Palace!
Which yes, if compared to the Royal Palace of China, is indeed a lot more scenic, despite being a lot smaller!

The Gorgeous Back Garden of the Royal Palace 경복궁 GyeongBukGung! Which i heard from my Friends 친국 ChinGuk that during winter 겨울 GyorUl, the entire pond freeze! With the snow 눈 Nun it must have been lovely!! I might want to visit again in winter 겨울 GyorUl just to see this!

The Back Garden!

The Back Garden!

To travel to 경복궁 GyeongBukGung also alight at 안국역 AnGukYork AnGuk Station! It is next to 인사동 InSaDong Street!

Dusk Fall!
More on Seoul in Part 3!


 Location of the places visited on the Subway map!

subwaymap_eng1 Have Fun!

Signing of till the next post Part 3!