April Trips – Seoul with Skaters

Though Namwon itself have been such a wonderful time already with all the catch up with old friends, it was only the 1st few 3 days of my stay in Korea.

It was funny how by then my mum has already been calling me, asking if I am about to return to Singapore. I returned to Singapore 5 weeks after…. XD

So here began my journey,

With us making our way back to Seoul서올! from Namwon 남워!

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 2.25.56 pm

Selfie is must-do in Korea/Asia! ㅋㅋㅋ

My friends all love me too much.
That I even have the luxury of having my own personal hairdresser to dry my hair for me!
Awwwww ❤


Also a wonderful Korean tour guide, Jin Seong! Who brought us to so many nice place for delicious food!
대박!~ XD



Kekekeke, yes it was a lot of fun when you have all your friends from around the world, all gathered together in the same country, touring with you! Met up with even the friends from Hong Kong too, which I have only just seen them 2 weeks ago before Korea! Haha. It was funny. I probably meet up with them much more times than I probably do with my Singaporean friends! Oh yes, we even traveled to all the way to Incheon 인천 one day, a one and a half hour journey, just to meet up some other skaters for dinner! 정말 멀리!

The circled above is Incheon. Doesn’t look far but it take roughly that estimated time.
So for those of you travelling to Seoul, You can use the Subway (JiHaCheol) map (JiDo) 지하철 지도 as a rough guide for the amount of time you need!
You can google for the map or find it here! https://flic.kr/p/nAQJnh

The photos will give a even more detailed explanation of my time in Seoul. Photos of the food and crazy time with friends (ChinGu) 친구!

During that period of time I was bunking in with Guo Fang and Jin Seong. But most of them left, by the 1st week after the competition.
It was then when I moved up to Hopyeong 평내호평, on the opposite end of the map. My friend Choi had agreed to allow me to stay over at his place, if I promise to help his wife with his kids and do babysitting! Haha and so at Hopyeong, my 1 month adventure of being Alone in Korea officially started.

IMG_5994 IMG_5982
Yes don’t think it was a easy job! I had to do all this, communicating in Korean! Hey I not only had to coax the baby in Hangul, but my friend’s 3yr old son even got me to read him a story! All in Korean only!!! Haha Imagine! I was asking, “ㅁㅁㅁ 영어말 괜찮아? ㅁㅁ 영어책은 없어? 있어?” Lol It was all I could managed. ㅋㅋㅋ

Read more on part 2 of Places I have visited in Seoul on my next blog post 3 days later!