May Trips – Adventure in Boryeong

There are all but too many adventures to talk about… So I am gonna skip forward 1st, to the memories that are fresher, … to the memories of Boryeong 보령.

IMG_7378 It was all just an impromptu decision that took me till Boryeong 보령!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.35.33 amBoryeong 보령 is on the West side of Mid Korea!

An arrangement for a Coffee session with a friend was all it takes, that suddenly landed me in Boryeong, in the ChunCheongSi of Korea, one Sunday afternoon. The trip in Boryeong was as beautiful as it was amazing. Boryeong is the location where, every year, hundreds and hundreds of both locals and foreigners alike, would flock in during summer to take place in the Boryeong Mud festival. This World famous event would take place over two weeks in the mid of August which the entire place would be filled with different mud activities, like mud facial, mud bath and even mud paint! Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.41.11 am Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.45.18 am Sound like a fabulously fun-filled event isn’t it? It is of little wonder that this event is such a big global thing now, attracting people from all around the world to take part; with the “hunting” session taking place too every year at the same event. For those of you wondering what does the term “hunting” mean, it is the Koreans’ term for scouting of a suitable partner, in Singaporeans’ term, simply put, “ fishing”; the way we fish for girls in our club. Lol mmm I know that I m a girl… IMG_7492 However, Boryeong, aside from its wild side in August, it is actually a really quiet, quaint little town the rest of the year! It was on such a time that I was visiting. It brought out an entirely different feel. Different from the photos of Boryeong I have seen all around its town, yes the entire village seems to be focusing a lot on the mud festival, with photos, status and mascots of the mud festival built everywhere!

boryeong1Boryeong in May was a misty quiet town with not many people in sight. Signs of hotels, motels, however are everywhere! It was a interesting sight, creating another outlook, showing vastly how much the town rely on the yearly Mud event. Despite all these, the shops and the seafood restaurants are all mostly still opened, everywhere! With no one in sight, as we stroll down the side road, restaurants’ staffs started popping out shouting greeting and promotions, coaxing us in, even one really cute guy shouting I am strong I can open shells very well after us. It was really adorable and funny. However, it is funny how every one of them seems to know that out there waiting for us but with often no customer in any of their shops! Oh and the seafood are everywhere too! Which I wonder how do they finish them, how do they keep it remaining so fresh despite probably only having customers in August??

The Boryeong Beach is probably the most distinguishable there, not just because of it being the location of the mud festival, but because the beach itself is something unique on its own! It is one I have never seen before. With endlessly long white shore that stretches, not just to both endless ends horizontally, but vertically too endlessly to the sea. I thought this would only exist in Dubai! DSC_0062 Though Bali’s beaches are also all endlessly long, they both give an entirely different “air”! Boryeong’s endless shore makes it hard to make out where do the sea actually start. Everything is just so white, a misty white, so white till it hurts the eye and making it difficult to see at times. With its empty street with loitering mists, and its strangely operating restaurants with no one in sight, it has a mysterious, magic feel.

During dusk however, the beach seems to come out of it veiled shawl! The fog starts to lift and the sky turned orange, blue, and purple! DSC_0904 DSC_0985

The sand, so fine instead of looking white as it was in the day, it seems muddy. Probably why it is the famous Boryeong Mud Festival spot too. With the last dot of the sun dropping into the horizon, everything turned pink and velvety purple, before the stars found it way to decorate the night skies. DSC_0999Everything went almost pitch black after, as if someone off the switch, with only the bedroom light, the street lamps stretch miles apart, which also seem to be swallowed by the darkness too. We headed to the tiny home restaurants that do seem to radiate with warmest and comfort. DSC_1100 DSC_1101 So, in there, I had the most delicious raw sea cucumber. Trust me, I am never one who would go crazy about food, nor one how love trying out new taste. I am not such a foodie person. But well being in a foreign country, to experience it fully with the local, one have got to try. Try almost everything and live like one. I was mmm not sure what to think of it at 1st. So there, I tried my 1st purplish, bluish raw sea cucumber, that one would wonder, what had made them even dare to try this in the 1st place?! Does it even look eatable? If not poisonous? But oh! Even for me, one how do not like shells and the raw sea fishy taste much, this taste really good! It is hard, yes surprisingly, and as you bite, turned kind of soft in some ways, that it is so hard to explain! Yes it is a definite must try. Raw abalone taste similar, the same kind of texture, but I prefer the sea cucumber’s taste. IMG_7470 IMG_7466 Finishing the night with some Soju is a must with friends, even though we are having it with fish head curry! We ended our night at 10pm, which in that town, everyone is probably already fast asleep!


Despite it being barely considering it a full day adventure, it was an impromptu decision that worth its while! DSC_1080