April Trips – Namwon

From Shanghai, it was almost like a 1 day’s journey to Seoul… Despite the flight being only an hour, the check-out, with the train’s journey and all the transfers with my Giant Luggages!, I had to leave for the airport by 11am. It was an “on the move” gym session. Oh and China’s subway!… Actually not just China, most of the subway around the world, are huge. It is a maze on it own. I have just never realise that a train station could actually get till such a gigantic size! It just have never kind of occur to me.. thus the first time I view subway station as such. It was just like a kick on my brain! Anyway with the luggages and the Stairs.. I spent nearly 2 hours on the subway for the 1.5 hour journey. Ended up once again, like the amazing race, running, racing to the finishing line, arriving just 45mins before the flight… Yea… though it isn’t exactly my 1st time. I have been doing racing course at various airports around the world… This time, I found myself checking in, not just 45mins before, but… hey the flight don’t even exist! Really Smart Ziyi. Well, what happened was, I kind of went to the wrong Airport. Ok not “kind of”. I actually went to the Wrong Airport. Yupe….. I went to Shanghai (Pudong) Airport instead of Shanghai (Hongqi) Airport! ㅠㅠ My Flight ticket bought online did not have the location stated. I didn’t double check. Just presuming that, since I alighted in Pudong Airport when I arrived in Shanghai, it should most probably be at the same airport for my flight to Seoul! Oh well yes I was being quite a lost careless child. It is quite a mess of a situation to be in, to be at the wrong airport which is 1.5hr away from the actual airport I was suppose to be at, and just 45mins, by that time, just 30mins left, before the flight of my flight. These kind of mess I always kind of get myself into, god always seems to be extra kind to me. The counter attendance actually said, “Hey!” to me, as I was walking away resigned, “I will change your flight for you.”. I thought I heard it all wrong! But she really did and was looking at me. I didn’t dream it up. So just 20mins before my flight, the flight attendance amended my flight, cancelling the one in Hongqi and reserve me a seat for the next flight to Seoul from Pudong. How sweet is it isn’t she? Though yes she wasn’t exactly smiley, more of a scowl actually, but she just did all that informing me that I have to be back at this same counter in 2hr time, and that they will allow me to check in as last min check in, because the following flight is full, and it all depend if there are anyone who will cancel their flight, which there most probably will be, but yea all of this without a single extra charge! Just out of good-will! I was surprise indeed. with the typical mind-set that “China Chinese” are all money-minded and out to dig a hole in your pocket, I don’t deserve such a kindness! It really does show that sometimes it isn’t about the race or citizenship, a wake up reminder from my stereotypical thinking. I got into my flight smoothly, but faced a delay of more than an hour for my one hour flight, ended up only arriving in Seoul Incheon Airport at 10pm Korea Time… Truly a day’s journey indeed isn’t it? With the 1+hour drive to HoPyeong 평내호평, I only arrived at my destination for the night at Midnight. ㅠㅠ With all this adventure with just making my way down to Seoul, I have yet make any arrangement for my travel to Namwon 남원 for the next following day. So the next following hours was a spam of messages and calls which concluded with Dearest Yu JinSeong agreeing to help poor 자의to get to Namwon 남원. which he didn’t know how much headache he was agreeing to accept or he probably would not even have replied me. ㅋㅋ HoPyeong 평내호평, the location was I was staying at, was an one and a half hour journey to Gangnam 강남. The subway train, being out of Seoul, only come every 30mins. So basically once you miss it, you are gonna be really really late. Which again, how do I know it?, was basically what happened to me. Meeting at 3pm for the 4pm straight Bus 직행고속버스 to Namwon 남원, I arrived at 3.45pm, without wifi, un-contactable, lost, without Jinseong at the meeting place. ~but who would be waiting for 45mins and we are almost missing the bus for our competition. With my newly acquired language skill, I managed to borrow a phone from a passerby and call the much flustered JinSeong. *hehe Sheepish smile* I am sorry Yu Jin Seong!! 사랑해 ok? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 미안해~ ㅠㅠ Well so, we ran again. This time at least it isn’t to catch the plane but just a bus.. That’s how I always keep myself fit despite traveling so much... We manage to catch it! We are after all international skaters, we can run! Lolll haha. Caught it just 5 mins before it left~


With Team Korea! all the 동생 make me sad! Feeling Old..

Lol all the journey just to get to NAMWON 남원, but yes I made it all in good time and all the time being safe!  ㅋㅋ ㅋ Yea i should feel proud of myself. haha It has been a long time since I last met everyone, my family from around the world. Especially my family of skaters from the other part of the world! The last time I ve met most of them are 5 years ago in ChunCheon 춘천 Korea. Oh and I arrived in Namwon 남원 without a hotel booking too… Hee.. reservation done yes.. but… with a few communication breakdown in between,… I just ended up bunking over with Guofang. Lol. A part of a conversation,”Mmm are you good friends with Guo Fang?”, “Oh yes Of Course! We are very good friends, the best of friends, we have the same Surname even!”. Lol All this to save on my lodging fee. Sometimes I can’t stand myself too~ haha 


Me, GuoFang, JinSeong and team Korea!

So that’s how I ended up at the end, almost a part of Team China and Korea, and JinSeong becoming,… our baby sitter in-charge. XD


Among all the Koreans I know, YJS probably have got the biggest eyes. Right? 우리의 눈은 커 있어?

The Competition itself was lots of fun. Though, as of every single time, I was almost cursing and wondering why am I putting myself though such stressful position?! Haha but yet each time after, I was like, why was I even stress in the 1st place? It was quite a confusing situation. Lol.

Selfie with my Competition Attire!

Selfie with my Competition Attire!

Some Photos from during the Competition!

Timings for Speed Slalom Senior Ladies

Timings for Speed Slalom Senior Ladies

Though this time round I have only gotten the 8th position, i still feel that I have did rather ok because I was rather constant this time round, unlike usually. I guess I am more seasoned now with competitions, and that practice always do help doesn’t it? I will just have to work harder for better result the next time. I still want to be competitive!

A minor sneak preview of the Men Classic Freestyle Competition!

Will be posting the rest of the videos on Youtube! So for the rest of the videos, mmm pardon the nick, the rest of it can be viewed at, http://www.youtube.com/user/girlygirlygalz!


More photos are uploaded on Facebook and Flicker! Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ziyikuek. Album Link at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152430219164935&type=1&l=6f1b92cde9. Flicker Album Link at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/45833396@N05/sets/72157644641626976/ One last Video for Everyone’s enjoyment! One of my favourite and highlight in this recent 2014 Namwon Korea Open Classic, Freestyle Skating Competition! I don’t know much about the technical level, but definitely an Enjoyment. Jam Slalom by YJS Yu Jin Seong and Kim Tae Bin, Korea.