April Trips – Shanghai

早上好!虽然我今日是在韩国打这博客,I am going to talk about Shanghai!!! 上海!


Shanghai Station

哈哈 我的中文实在太差了。Sorry for the jump in language. Just to try set the mooddd… XD
Hahaha. 其实我一脑都想着中文。只是不会打。:O 😀 Haha Ok So yes, Me being me, I couldn’t exactly keep my bum, with legs intact, in one places for too long… Decided and plan to my way to Seoul, by 1st… to Shanghai!


One way ticket is the way to Go~

Couldn’t resist my friends’ offer of a free meal; if I ever make my way to Shanghai. Hahaha so I did just that.


Ma Jun amidst the Beauties

I had to present this wonderful friend of mine in a presentable manner. So TaDa! on Tuesday 6am in the Morning I ended up in Shanghai meeting Mr MaJun for 早餐 Breakfast.

It is quite amazing, how much Shanghai have changed in the past 5 years since the last I have visited in 2009. I remember my very 1st time in Shanghai was in 2007. It’s name, i have heard of, even as a child, from TV and movies, of it being a glorious city! A magnificent city, soaked rich with history, cultures and traditions. But instead of the Colourful City in my imagination, my 1st view of it, was of brown and grey, brown and grey sights, as far as my eyes could see. It wasn’t that it is bad or anything, just overwhelming with greys!

I was surprised, amazed, and even shocked than. The “much less traveled” me at 17 than, was thinking,”Oh wow the world is completely different from what I have imagined.” That it did felt like other worlds exist!

The highways are literally “High” ways, being so high that it roam over the shorter buildings through the city. Buses just zoom through it with no fear of height! Yes I have a fear for it. The highways than, if I haven remember wrongly, have got no fence along the sides! Imagine! Though I loved the old buildings with cracked walls and vine-creeps, with wash-off paints of different shades of greys; different layers of History I call it, “I can’t live without my rainbows!”, then I was thinking.

However now, …


Is this even the same place? Shanghai?

I didn’t know a make-over could be done just like that.
It is beautiful.
Oh and the high-rise… thinking that Singapore must have/must be the country with most amount of high, high-rise building (given our small land and the amount of people we have), well… I have forgotten that even though China is a hell lot bigger, it is still China. Their high-rise are all no lower than 25 storeys and the amount of them… Brought me once again to the perspective, that I once again have forgotten, that the world is always not of what I have imagined.

Visting the SEBA Office Shanghai headquarter!


Doors’ decorated with wheels! Expensive decors indeed!



Old friends! 老朋友!SEBA Staffs

Though it was only a 2 day trip this time round, but it was very much worth it.

With their worrying, pampering, lunch treats and taking care of my everything~

With a Family like this around the World, one will have little need for anything else anywhere. ❤


Especially when I happened to arrive in Shanghai… without a luggage following…


Waiting for the luggage that only arrived on day after, on my two days trip.

A Delay that took 3 hours… leaving me with nothing to my name, halfway across the globe, except the skate in my hand.. But really sometimes, thats all I really need.


Even a brand new set of wheels meant for sliding to Play with!~ Brand new in the market.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 10.37.55 am

What else do I enjoy more, than practicing what gets me all crazy inside, with people who do it so well

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 10.36.46 am

 Lastly, the signature Jump Shot! at上海站!

That’s all for the 1st part of “my 1st one-way ticket adventure”~ xo