My usual Working day

This two weeks have been crazy!

Because I am just back in Singapore after an entire month of Travel, there are a crazy amount of things to do! The packing, to all the clearing of the letters piling up on my desk and the replying of emails! I have not even started the sorting out of the photos, which I took more than 10 GB this time round, much less to say the editing, the uploading of it to the various social media and to share it to your guys! Oh, plus all the meeting of friends, the catching up and the most importantly, the endlessly catching up of jobs I’ve missed and the money I’ve overspent!

Like Yesterday,

Jobs were packed back to back! Had Lunch Appointment at 12pm, before reporting for fitting and rehearsal at 1.30pm. Show at 3.30pm, ended by 4.30pm. Interview/Audition at 5.30pm. Promo work at 7.30pm ending at 11. With the Last Job of the day, dancing at 12. All the way to 4am! and Today Qing Ming! Up at 10am! :’O

Some crazy amount of photos just from yesterday!

IMG_5573 IMG_5558


// Post by Ziyi Kuek.

I am so Loving these dresses!! But each dresses cost like $800 bucks! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I would really be troubled choosing on which one would I prefer better if I am given the choice! The Dress or the $800 buck!

Photos from the Singapore Yacht Show, credit to Harry Photography.


Met Fellow Redbull driver Emmiline!

After a long 3 years have passed since we were both driving under Redbull!


The Balaclava Babes on 90’s

Job at Balaclava before the last assignment of the day, decked in blouse and pink lippy. XD
It has been so long since I have dressed so girly. Haha Usually it is base on the occasions but most occasions dont really allow me to I guess. People tend to judge, especially when they see a Big girl (yes thats what people say about me) dress girly, I guess it just don’t really tally. XD Usually I stick to my pajamas or Sports attire. Boring yes! Haha.
Thus this blouse… Been 10 years! Frequently on the verge of me dumping it out of the closet. XD
I am doing my very best to keep the blog running weekly! However, it is really getting so Hectic! I have still yet to Sleep properly, train and Pack for my trip to Shanghai and Korea tomorrow!!! Yes it is just tomorrow! :O
Next Blog post, on the “Cherry Blossoms” in Singapore!! Hopefully I am able to blog in Shanghai!