Hello, I am back!

Hello! Well I guess it is time to start Blogging again!

Haha been through a great deal and so many so many new experience that I really done know where to start!
It feel almost like I am about write a book!

I have been away for the pass 1 and a half year.
After the breakup I could barely face my thoughts, I couldn’t stand being alone, started crying every once I had a chance. Then I was really quite on the rock bottom of my emotions and wasn’t at all at my right mind to even interact with people, much less to blog.
Haha, It was silly of me but the good news is that I am feeling much better now! Though you could pretty much say that I Haven been doing anything the past one year (except growing too buff), but I have gotten my ass around the world, running whenever I can. XD

In the one year, I have been through the horrors of a breakup, been cheated, lied to and betrayed by friends. Made new friends, grew up a lot and had my perfect picture of the world shattered, knowing that at the end everyone could cheat on you, things dont go according to plans and that in the end just go with the flow and see that the world being shattered is still a really beautiful place.

So for now, a quick update on what I have been doing the past one year! I will do more elaborate posts in time! Will try to blog once a week or once fortnightly~

Last Year 2013 New Year Resolution was a very crazy and stupid one; to Travel at least once every month.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.39.06 pm

I was at the verge of desperation that really all I wanted was to make myself feel better and get myself back together!
Haha so what happened was me being all over the place in the next few following months. Of course I cheated at times, just heading to Malaysia and back.
Jan: Kuala Lumpur
Feb: Taipei Taiwan
Mar: Genting
Apr: Johor Bahru
May: :O I missed this month
Jun: Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh
Jul: Busan, Seoul, Bangkok, Sepang
Aug: Kuantan, Dubai, Terengganu
Sep: Cameron Highlands, Bali Indonesian
Oct: Malacca, Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia
Nov: Pattaya, Bangkok Thailand, Cameron Highlands
Dec: Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tua Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur

Haha till I was so exhausted at times! Sometimes it was back to back one week after another. Almost as if I am a stewardess; which I did get in but I didnt go for it… this is a story for another time..
I have no idea why I was doing all this but one trip just happen to led to other!

Yes I do understand that a lot of people have a lot of questions on what am I doing, am I not working and how do I get my money to travel so much?! I must be Rich!

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.37.01 pm

Haha well that because most trips I only have to pay for my air tickets, which cost around $200-$600 depend on how far I go.
As I have friends around the world, I mostly bunk in at their places, thus each trip I don’t usually spend more than $200 on top of my air fare. So at times like Bali and Bangkok which is so near to us, I probably only spend $400-$500 in total for the whole trip. Thus it is quite quite affordable. But of cause for longer trips like Dubai, Korea and Australia, I have to pace them out so that I dont burn a hole in my pocket ( I do plan for rainy days!)

So for what am I doing and how did I get my money despite not being in SG so much?!
Well, because I usually plan my trips when I dont have a assignment on hand. I tend to travel over the weekdays and be back by weekends as most event jobs are on the weekends. So other than modeling, I have my basic pay as a Dancer which was every weekends Fridays and Saturdays. Other than dancing, I work as a driver to chauffeur my client up to Malaysia and back which is why I am up in Malaysia so often. Yes, people tend to think it is more than just driving but really it is just because it is too strenuous to driving for hours (10hrs at times) on your own, we clicked really well and I am trained with advance driving and use to drive for Subaru in S.E.A. At that point of time, I was also managing for a Talent Agency called Le Rose which does not require me to be physically there as long as I get the girls required for it.

Yes so that’s how I pay for my bills, my expenses and everything.

and what about guys?..
Haha, I kind of see that question coming… well I guess there just isnt one. No time for one, I dont have the heart to, it is still in midst of repairing, I just seen anyone that I am attracted to yet. haha Probably the time is just not ripe. So nah I am just gonna use the time to deal with my own “To do List” which is endless!

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okย  Ta-Da for now! ๐Ÿ™‚

With Love
Ziyi K โค