It has been months since I ve last updated this place.

Some of you might know and some of you might not.The past 7 months I have been trying to cope, trying to deal with being Single. Yes I am officially single now but please, after being attached for the past seven years of my life, I would actually like to be single for now. I am still very much healing from the hurt and still being very emotionally and attach to him. Yes I am still hoping that things will work out but for now would like to just concentrate on myself and my career.

I would like some peace.
so No Boys for now but just some girlfriends time and time with myself!

As for some updates..

Other then the fact that I am now single, I would like to announce that I have closed down my other blog Zicia and will continue blogging from here.

http://www.zicia.wordpress.com will be permanently closed.
Felicia is now a intern trainee chef in the kitchen of White Rabbit in Dempsey. Being very occupied with her full time school and study, we have decided that it is better to split that little project of ours!

In the past 7 months of emotional trauma, I have decided to forgo my plan of entering SIA till a much later date.I want to make use of my youth to try out various fields and see where it might led me to. I have been traveling, finish my international pageant into top 12 position in Macau, went to Bangkok, KL, passed my 23rd birthday, entered into a new year, spent Valentine Day skating instead and Chinese New Year with lots of house parties and am just back from Taiwan last night.

Some photos!


Departure!View of our room!

Hot spring!Taiwan Steamboat!

Icecream in the Cold!

Taiwan beer in bed! Taipei street fire crackers! the poison cherry?

Barbie Cafe! IMG_4166 Feeling barbie!

With Bestie! The taiwan skaters! Lunch Xiao long baos  Love winter wear! adorable kitten! japanese buffet!

I am coping fine and I will be fine.<3