Passing month

The past one month has been a hell long month for me.

Though it has been the most unpleasant of months, but it has been certainly one which taught me the most in various aspect of life. It has pulled me out of my comfort zone and routines, throwing me into chaos and a semi state of depression. Like the old saying, the toughest sword can only be made out of the fieriest fire.

I have found that I have friends around me, found out that I m not alone as I thought I was.
This was the the dream I have had since I was 10, to have friends.
Yes silly me you might think, but at times I do indeed think occasionally I am quite a silly girl!
But since childhood i have never really have any person whom I can relay on. I do have people who i kind of belong to but i have always been the unspoken, teased and left aside kid (at least that’s what I remembered feeling). There have been this gaping hole in me for a while and only till this month I found that hey, i am not that alone.

I have been reminded that in life, things always happen, and either you let it swallow you up or you climb over it and despite how complicated everything always seems, it is not, it is just how you made of it. Let things be simple and it will be. I have been thinking lot, learning. That the key of happiness is in you own hands and no one else. No one can hurt you unless you allow them to. That life is about choices, doesnt matter what people think nor say cause at the end it is about what you personally wants. Everybody will definitely say something but nothing matters except what you want and who you allow to be affecting your life. Of course all these goes on and on.

I have also learned the more complicated things. How to handle others, the power of words, tone, and the control of one’s mind and emotion. To just let things pass and be your best at each passing second is more then enough.

I have been reminded of my dreams, my imaginations and how wide the world is with everything possible with hard work. The world and life is vast. I will be strong, be true to myself, my values, continuously improving myself by expanding my knowledge, learning how to handle situations, things, people and most importantly myself better.

Zzz tough work, yet the only way to be truly better. ❤