Moonlight city swim

Been up to Marina Sky Park infinity pool?

Thats exactly where my Iphone plummeted to its death.

Felicia swap out the towel where my dear phone is on and gave it a wonderful wash.
Lol ya a bad choice to bring ur phone out when u are going for a swim but one cant help it when there is such a gorgeous view out there! Here some photos from Felicia’s samsung of our wonderful moonlight swim at 9pm! Surprisingly the water is cozy and wonderfully warm!

Yvonne, Felicia and me!

There for a friend’s birthday party but missed out a huge part of it including the cake cutting due to a 1 hour jam from Marina Square to MBS which is only a 3mins drive lane! Zzz…

yupe you are seeing us aura natural make up free.
and I look so black in all the pics.. :O