Miss Singapore World 2012

Time flies! It has been a year! It is now time for the Miss Singapore World pageant again & i have yet to even blog about my own pageant last year!

This year contest is at Yishun Orchid Country Club. Though it is indeed a weird place to held this prestigious event, i suppose the money saved from the location was put to some better uses with a longer runway stage this year.

When we arrived, the girls were doing their talent round, there are rounds of dancing and singing plus the playing of the harp! They all seems so talented! However, in my personal view and opinion, I feel that my year’s contestants (2011) is stronger, in height, look and speech. (Not saying that this year’s contestants do not have quality. I might be bias. XD)

The pageant is very different this year round. Not only are they marked base on their talented round, they even have photo-shoot done in their bikini unlike last year. Stressful! However this year the pageant came with a lot more subsidiary awards, which means alot more recognition for the girls. The contestants self introduce round and the top 10 finalist Q&A are also totally removed,ย  jumping from the 16 contestant straight to the final 5. Thus the stress level was also greatly lessen. In my head I was definitely thinking,”Damm, I should have joined this year!” Lol. The final round of Q&A for the Top 5 Finalist were also alot simpler to answer (the girls should really thank sunny for this, whom said he have given the questions). XD.

I am not complaining as last year’s pageant was a great eye opener for me with that level of competitors. I have learned a great deal out of it, alot out from the toughest of the contest!

Crowned was Student Karisa Sukamto, 18 who stand only at 1.6m tall, easily 1 head shorter then the rest. However, I truly believe what she lack in height she made it up with her brain and her speech. It was a tough choice between 2nd runner up Michelle and Karisa even for the judges. Michelle have got the height and figure to have easily gotten the crown. However, she Q&A failed her as have the rest of the 4 top 5 finalist. None gave the questions a satisfying answer except Karisa. She deserved the win, with more then 50% of the marks on the most important round Q&A as of all pageants. Read more at http://host.missosology.info/~missyorg/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=139483

Other then the exciting pageant, I met up with some of my batch’s contestants as well as some friends from the pageant industry! ๐Ÿ˜€

Alot of Singaporeans might be saying alot of things regarding the standard of girls in Singapore, however in my opinion, this is all because of Singaporean’s own making. Our way of complaining and always not being supportive as well as critical. This can be seen happening not just in pageants but in any area of Arts and Sports as well.

With May Hsu, Miss Singapore World 2011

People might be saying that May Hsu isnt that all drop dead gorgeous. However, it takes more then plain beauty but brains as well to be qualified to be called queen. I would say Miss May Hsu totally deserve the win last year even though I ve wished I have gotten the crown instead at times. ๐Ÿ˜› I ve lost in both brains and speech.

To Singaporeans, instead of always laughing at our own locals’ words, looks and figure, more concrete remarks and suggestion would have been better, when we are all suppose to be high educated and intellectual people. We will all benefit from it and improve as a country.

The damage we have done and created for ourselves with our own lack of support and negativity on our own local in taking a troll on not only the pageant scenes but also on the other fields of Arts and Sports. In our constant preferences and support of foreigners instead of our own talent, we cant blame our government for preferring and welcoming them too.