March started off with a delightful run with so many stops (you can see the stops mark by the grey dots) as the journey was covered with so many adventures. I was chasing after Kites! frogs and happening to pass by a accident site too. 6km of running!

A Charity job done for a Bike fund raising event for kid exploration awareness. πŸ™‚ Edited with the photo editing app on Iphone! Cheap “Neoprint like” thrill! πŸ˜€

Ivan Lim Nightlife book Launch! Me and Lina toh! ❀ I miss you!

HSBC golf event, my very 1st golf event and I met annabel tan! Miss Singapore Universe 1st runner up on 2010! She is becoming so skinny!!! I am almost afraid she disappear!

Tiger job! @ SMU which I manage to squeeze some time for a quick skate after!

Thus I was in dress, my attire for my next job. Lol. Robert Chai, skater/photographer took this for me in our quick 15 mins skating session/photoshoot! If you are wondering this is called sliding!

Then work for Courvoisier with my dear beautiful bride to be then ( official wed a few days ago. That is how behind my posts are! :X )

Vivienne the bride, me and Mable the gorgeous.

Chang beer job at MBS where I learned how to fold the tissues roses plus got introduced and addicted to DRAW SOMETHING!

March was a great month, but Grandma was ill. She was diagnose with lung cancer. On my 1st day of Changs beer assignment, grandma passed away. 😦 Well and that how my march faded into April.