The past few months have a blur with so many events! The reason why I didnt blog? Cause I was intending to start out another blog in collaboration with Felicia! We started out out the blog and the URL but still the main few things like the layout was not set yet. So I am back to my homey blog here <3!

Feb, there is Chingay. Where I had the privilege of meeting the rest of the International girls from Bride of the World. We had lots of fun, going to clubs, night safari and shopping trips!

Some of the international girls!

After Chingay there is V Day πŸ™‚ Where my sweetheart brought me to the Botanical Garden.
^^ He knows that I have been waiting to go there for ages!

And here is the handmade pillow and pillow casing which I have sew!

Then there is St James anniversary Party before it is March!