A dream within my handgrip

Chinese New Year is over in a blink. The past month I have been busy with spring cleaning and tidying of my room! Then my favourite part of Chinese new year; the visiting! All dressed up ‘blinks’ and glamorous as if I am going for a casting, we all gathered at various houses for a huge catch up and gamble session! All the grand aunties and grand uncles, cousins and various relatives, all list under aunties and uncles but a huge list of specific naming in the Chinese culture to remember used only once a year while we gather, yet I enjoyed it tremendously! Plus red packets too! It is indeed a lovely festival to mention and post photos up on my blog.

However, my purpose of writing today is not for the Lunar New Year but of yet another thing…

I have been waiting to Join the Singapore Airline. I have alot of dreams. I have manage to realise a few of them. Being a model is one and a stewardess is one of other I have yet to realise. It is just something which I wanna try. To travel. I think I would love it. Well… but the thing is my bf, he really disapprove of it. To the state that we will break up if i join. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Today I went for the SQ interview for the 1st time. I have only left the final round to go. I just happen to have cleared all round except the last round because they did an interview for me when I was working at Republic Poly 2weeks ago. I just happen to be there. Thinking that since I have the express way out because most people would have queued for hours just to clear the different stages, I got it cleared while I was working. It really didnt take me long.
So I was up at for breakfast at 7.30 in the morning and at the SQ office at 8.30am! The best part was, because of alot of complications and disapproval from bf, I didnt even have a wink the night before. It is quite crazy and traveling all the way to the end of Spore… There are only a round of interview (as it is my final round) which consist 3 parts and also a uniform check. Basically the end of story is that I got through.

Despite all my leg scars from skating, pimples from sleepless night, I ve got through!

Haha I am a little proud of myself that I have got through on my 1st attempt. Most of the girls tried 3 to 4 rounds before getting through, I didnt expect myself to get through the 1st time round. But honestly, I think it is because of all my pageants experiences and talk that pull me through since they are looking for more of girls who can carry themselves so as the brand and the way you speak. Not that much on looks which explained why the standards drop on looks since that is not the focus.. Though looks does make them confirm me a tiny weeny bit faster instead of wavering on their decision.

Though I got It, but I am in a dilemma… How to choose behind a job and bf? Haiz but I still have to choose dont I? Well, I do have another full time job offer at the moment. Not as glamorous but it still allow me to model and learn new stuff. Traveling, I still can do it another time. I can still join SIA next time if I want, if I can… I can have my 2nd, 3rd and 4th try like others since if I got through this time round I am pretty sure I can do it again.
So I guess.. most prob this time round I will be staying. Though it does seems like a waste for me to give up a opportunity of what seems to be a dream of many. At least I know I am so close to getting it and it isnt that I cant but I choose not to.

Haiz I wonder what future might bring!