Cable ski

I am now in a wake boarding/cable ski craze! I am so in love with it.

Last Thursday, I went to cable ski with Benji Matt and his girl friend Julia. Her last day in Singapore! It was me and Julia 1st time to the park, my 4th time doing cable ski! At the start, I couldn’t get use to the turn and pull again as the last I tried cable ski was more then a year ago. I kept falling at the furthest end of the lake! I literally have to climb out of the mud. Sound disgusting isn’t it? Ya my feet would sink in as well with every step i take, plus each time you would be sure what surprise you would get! mostly sharp rocks.. lol However, it isn’t dirty, the lake is clean and surprisingly warm. The water felt great!

We stayed the entire day! By the end of it, my neck are aching for days.. However, I am so proud to announce that I have gotten the hang of wake boarding to even pair with my Benji on the same line! Plus, i ve learn how to jump entry as well! :)))
For those who haven tried wake boarding you should! It look fun, but it even more fun then it look! If you are worried about safety, it is quite safe as long as you keep your eyes open and stick to the regulation! You will have your life jacket on! A must try!

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