My 1st post of 2012!

My 1st post of 2012!!!
Wishing all of you a fabulous, fun-filled, smooth sailing 2012!

A Happy New Year to all of you! πŸ™‚

Tada! Isnt it such a lovely view!

Had such a lovely beginning of a new year! Even the weekend approaching the year was great. πŸ™‚
Had time to do some of my favorite things!


Met up with a good friend of mine over the weekend. His Korean Gf came over to sg for a visit. Julia is such a spontaneous sweet thing! We brought her to East Coast park for a spin. It has been so long since I last skated leisurely! The feeling of getting back with my old love; so carefree from all the competition stress, political issues and bad blood.I do miss skating alot indeed.

Because I haven been skating for so long, I was so afraid when we went over to the skate park! I didnt dare to go down the curve ramps!

Took her to see the skate park 2 storey high bowl. Look at how tiny we are!
It is scary just standing by the side. I really dont know how one got the courage to dive in! it is 90 degree down!
Though I de-proved in this long period which I did skate, I manage to get one new trick right on my 1st attempt!
Toe en-sui! Woohoo! What a way to end the year. πŸ™‚

After East coast park, headed home swap my T-shirt, torn jean and skate for my dancing heels and dress to club!
Butterfactory-ed with Bf! Benji and Julia came along as well as they have not been to butter before.
One of my favorite club. ^^

Above, Benji, Julia, Me & Jason.

Clubbing before the club got pack on the eve!

Most of you might think how boring it is for me to work during countdown!
What a hell of a good time we had instead. We had the most fabulous view of the firework in the country at the VIP party on top of Marina Bay Sand skypark. With all my gorgeous girlfriends we did have a pretty awesome time even despite work (ps. greeting everyone and wishing them a Happy new year is quite a delight task!).

Gfs whom I spend the last moment of 2011 with! ❀

Isnt it one of the best ways to end a year? πŸ™‚