Triumph tv commercial shooting

My 1st major TVC!
I am not sure if you guys have saw this the past weeks, but I am on TV!
It has been on Channel 5, 8 & U.

It was definitely weird seeing yourself on TV though I didnt manage to catch it. But seeing my own video is weird enough. Haha though I heard lots of people saying I look fatter and sound manly on TV! Lol I wonder why!

The pre-production process! I am not in the photos as I am the one shooting them!

It was heaps of fun! The production team was amazing and very professional. The whole TVC was done in just 1 and a half day which involve 5 models individual shoot. That is a lot of work indeed.

The director!

The videographer who made us look so good.

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Other then the fact that I was way tired because I was working back to back from one assignment to other…
Haha Just imagine me lying on the floor resting my eyes and ended up falling asleep in the middle of the recording while the team is adjusting the lights. Epic isnt it? Lol