Subaru Impreza challenge media event

As some of you might know and some of you might not know (ought to know :P),

We are the Subaru diva-lious all female performance driving team!

Simply speaking, we do performance driving (stunt driving) for Subaru. How did we came about was through different means, for me it was through the Redbull Rookie female driver search. Since then my 1st Go-karting experiences and driving, we have came a long way. From Defensive driving course (Yupe Grad with it!) to racing on Sepang race track , and now Advance driving, skid control, drifting become a much love sport and performances! We have been traveling occasionally to different countries in Southeast Asia to perform.

Today however was our 1st time performing on home ground. My god! I was nervous! The feeling is so different! This time we are not checking out from the Hotel, all done with our girly touch up, going for breakfast buffet, before heading down to the performing site! I was just rushing out of my house with little make up (feel like just going down the house for a walk kind of feeling). I was alot more worried about not doing well and this time round we are not only performing for the audience who are invited guest (potential buyer) but media personals from 10 different countries!

They are all here for the Subaru Impreza challenge and as part of the media event we did our performance. The rain came pouring in the midst of the event. We didnt manage to finish the whole event but we had fun speaking to the media and performing. ๐Ÿ™‚ and lots of cam-whoring session again! My mum dropped by for a while as well! Her 1st time seeing us and my instructors!

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Tio strol lai Subaru! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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