Adidas: Lesson 3

Katherine and Me that Morning.
waHaha we both look like we are so trying so hard to be awake.



I was dragging myself to class for the third week’s lesson despite my enthusiasm on the 1st two class. The week was filled with endless events and work from morning class at 7am all the way to afternoon 2pm in the hot sun and castings in between with events till late at night. It was a busy week without sleep and rest. I was feeling way drain out.

However, sports isnt about giving up. It is about being better when things got worst. It is about working hard and playing hard. With all the crazy schedule, I dragged myself up to face the 1hr jam from Woodlands all the way to Outram Great World City true fitness. Initially I was feeling kinda heavy headed, haha but the music and rhythm soon got the better of me.

I much say despite everything, a little bit of sports do WONDER for your body. I felt much lively and awake!

Video of

When they say no, we hear go. We give everything we’ve got then go back for more. No doubts, no holding back, no giving in — from the court to the catwalk, the stadium to the street. Whatever the game, we play the same way. Heart over head, inclusion over ego. United by passion, we go all in.

The best thing is I feel stronger even with the fatigue I was feeling then! I was not only going for my body combat class but the Spin cycling class straight after my class and I was able to stand up and cycle like the rest of the seasoned ladies in the room! I felt really satisfied with myself after! Not only physically, but mentally as well. I wasnt thinking of giving up more of I will do better and I raise up further to take the challenge. It definitely feel good to have the full control of your body and know actually how much stronger i can get!

Some Photos from our lesson! Look! So many of my classmates are wearing Adidas gears as well! 😉 (and we are the ones who stand out! :P)

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