Adidas: Lesson 2

Punch, punch, punch, kick!

After the 1st lesson, I was indeed looking forward to the 2nd week of the Adidas combat boxing class. With the exciting ranges of products Adidas has offered me, just getting ready and dress for the gym is enjoyable. Honestly, despite me being so into sports, I have never own a single sport attire in my life. The Sport attires available in the market doesn’t give me an additional reason for wanting to spend the extra on what I find my daily causal T shirt can do. However looking at the range on Adidas’s products for this campaign, I finally understand why do people love it so much. Other then being like a second skin on your body unlike my huge T-shirts, it is not only comfortable and breathable but forgiving-ly cover the unsightly extra fat that tend to be more visible when we exercise. Also the best part is that with this campaign focusing on women (Finally not just black, white, blue or red) it look so good that we can almost do a fashion show in the gym! I am so totally in love with my Katy Perry shoe (Adizero Trainers)!

I am honor to have my 1st Sport wear to be by Adidas. Now that I have my 1st few sport attire, I am already feasting my eyes on more! :X πŸ˜›

The iconic Windbreaker and the Adidas night dress that is not only sexy but shimmery. Haha, I am growing into such an Adidas fan. I am carrying my new Adidas bag everywhere even for my Modeling casting! Look I even did a photoshoot for the Newpaper in my Adidas gear. Lol I am not faking my enthusiasm. πŸ™‚

For this 2nd body combating lesson, I still fumble a little bit with the moves.Β  As I recognize the terms use by Melvin our instructor, I am now more able to concentrate on putting more force in my workout. Though the workout is not impossibly difficult and with my stamina from skates training, it should be easier for me, but I am feeling it. 1 hour of clenching up your muscle for the punch and being ready and alert for the change of beat is giving me the ache I dont feel very often on my arms! With the lack of attention I put on my arms from my skate training, I m now being reprimanded for it! Finally some work for it!

With the sudden enthusiasm, maybe it is the lovely Adidas attire which make me wanna parade in it, I went to try out the Spin cycling classes straight after my body combat class. This is what you call a full body workout, an Adidas ALL IN challenge. I was completely wore out that day.

The spin lesson definitely seem to pass alot slower then the body combat class. The burn from both my arms and legs were almost unbearable. Still the satisfaction I felt for surviving both the class is worth the burn, with the plus point of getting to have tone arms and legs!