Adidas: Women Those Who Dare Challenge

The adidas mantra for its Women’s campaign. Shows the power of women in sports.


When they say no, we hear go. We give everything we’ve got then go back for more. No doubts, no holding back, no giving in — from the court to the catwalk, the stadium to the street. Whatever the game, we play the same way. Heart over head, inclusion over ego. United by passion, we go all in.

Adidas recently launched the “All Adidas” campaign highlighting women and celebrating “Those Who DARE“!

Receiving an email from Adidas was all it take to invite me to pick up this Dare! With my love for sports, I couldnt help but feel excited to be part of this as I logged into their website, I want to be part of this big family consisting of women that dare to go beyond their limits, are bold enough to take risks and have fun while doing it. These women put passion in everything they do and go “all in” to achieve their goals.

I love rising up to a challenge especially if i know that the challenge is to challenge myself further! With 4 different activities (Body combat/Spin cycling/Yoga/Russian Dance) for each lady engaged to take up the dare, my challenge was to take part in a 4 weeks long Body Combat Class! Unsure of what to expect, my 1st lesson I only would dare hope to catch up with the rest of my class of whopping kick-ass ladies to the beat of the fight.

8.30am at Great World City True fitness, all ducked out in ADIDAS Stripped Armour, I feel indeed up to the challenge!


Stepping into the class constant of entirely women, you really feel the awe of girl power. With the ladies all striking punches, kicks and kata supported by driving music, it is almost like dancing but each move a kick or punch instead! A great superior cardio fitness! Body combat being inspired by martial art and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi, and muay thai, moving through the various disciplines of martial art, I actually enjoyed myself tremendously and almost felt like a martial art fighter. lol 😀

Next lesson hopefully I will get all the steps right! I would also be giving Spin cycling a try! 😀


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